Blue Bull Dog Mural in Bushwick

blue bull dog by kane photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

I don’t own any pets, but I sometimes look after a stout English Bull Dog named Mac, who belongs to a neighbor. Mac is an extremely loving and intelligent dog, and I am so fond of him that I miss dearly him whenever I see another Bull Dog on the Street.  Of course, Mac came to mind immediately when I came upon this mural of a Blue Bull Dog lounging in the grass during a recent Graffiti Art Tour in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

blue bulldog by kane photo by gail worley
I Love The Detail of the Dragonfly on The Dog’s Head

The mural, which is part of the Bushwick Collective, is entitled Sleeping Beauty, and it  depicts Bouguereau, the pet and ‘muse’ of street artist Kane (AKA Patrick Kane McGregor). Apparently the two used to live in the area.

blue bulldog by kane photo by gail worley

Sleeping Beauty, which went up in 2019, measures 12 feet by 24 feet on the wall.

Sleeping Beauty By Kane is Located On Troutman Street Near the Corner of St. Nicholas Ave. in Bushwick, Brooklyn. To Book a Fun Graffiti Art Tour in the Neighborhood, Visit New York Gallery Tours at This Link.

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