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Blue Bull Dog Mural in Bushwick

blue bull dog by kane photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

I don’t own any pets, but I sometimes look after a stout English Bull Dog named Mac, who belongs to a neighbor. Mac is an extremely loving and intelligent dog, and I am so fond of him that I miss dearly him whenever I see another Bull Dog on the Street.  Of course, Mac came to mind immediately when I came upon this mural of a Blue Bull Dog lounging in the grass during a recent Graffiti Art Tour in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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Pictures From the Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibit at The Museum at FIT, NYC

Fairytale Fashion Lobby
All Photos By Gail

The Museum at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology has been known to host some pretty fabulous special exhibits, and the only bummer about them is that you usually are not allowed to take photographs of the clothes. This restriction can really take the fun out of it, because if i can’t take pictures, it’s like I wasn’t even there.  Fortunately, at the Museum’s current exhibit, Fairy Tale Fashion, photography is not only allow, it is encouraged. And that is a fantastic thing, because this exhibit is just insane.

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Baker Recreates Sleeping Beauty Cake from Disney Film

Sleeping Beauty Cake Disney Gail Worley
Images Courtesy of Cake Wrecks

When you’ve watched as many cake baking competition shows as I have, you know how hard it is to deliberately make a cake that looks like it’s falling apart, but really isn’t. Check out a screen grab from the original Disney film Sleeping Beauty and you can see that whoever made this cake did a pretty amazing job! Just look at those candles!

Sleeping Beauty Cake Gail Worley
Original Cake From Film

Ten Cool Secrets About Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Night

Where I grew up in Orange County, California, we were about fifteen minutes away from Disneyland by car. As a child, my family visited the park a few times a year and I can still remember nearly losing my mind with excitement as we drove up to the gates outside the massive parking lot.  When I was a rebelious teenager, I’d escape the eagle eyes of my parents by spending entire days at Disneyland with friends, and always had the time of my life. I haven’t been back to Disneyland now for over ten years so I haven’t seen all the changes it’s gone through firsthand. For example, I know that much of the Tomorowland section of the park has been updated, since what was considered to be futuristic in 1979 is laughably outdated today. This morning I saw that Neatorama has posted a very cool story on Ten Secrets you may or may not have known about the history of The Happiest Place on Earth, such as how many deaths have occurred in the park, the only place inside Disneyland that sells alcohol, and the location of Walt Disney’s secret apartment. It’s a very cool read located at this link: Ten Cool Secrets About Disneyland!