Eye On Design: Innovative Kitchen Products from Catamount By Prepara

prepara popcorn popper set photo by gail worley
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If there’s one thing we got better at during the pandemic, it’s coming up with creative ways to have fun without leaving the house. With movie theaters closed, families have been engaging with a variety of streaming platforms — even upgrading their entertainment  systems — to bring the Big Screen into the home. If family movie night has become one of your new traditions, you know that  having fresh popcorn and tasty snacks on hand is an absolute necessity.

prepara popcorn popper set photo by gail worley

To get an authentic “Movie Popcorn” experience at home, check out this cleverly-designed Movie Night Popcorn Gift Box set from Catamount by Prepara, which lets you make an irresistibly delicious batch of fresh popcorn in right in the microwave.  No fuss, no muss!

prepara popcorn popper set photo by gail worley

Crafted of ultra durable borosilicate glass, this popper is topped with a vented, heat resistant silicone lid, so it’s dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up. Put it in the microwave and in just eight minutes you will be enjoying enjoy fresh, hot popcorn. Yields approximately 2 1/2 quarts of popcorn with no added oil.

Here’s another trick: if desired, you can add butter during popping by placing the desired amount of butter on top of the lid before microwaving. Hot melted butter will be perfectly distributed during the popping process. Delicious.

movie night photo by gail worley

You can also keep possible germ-spread at a minimum by eliminating multiple hands reaching into the same bowl, since this set includes four colorful, reusable popcorn containers, giving each member of the family get their own box. Smart! This gift set can be purchased for just $34.99 at This Link.

prepara popcorn set

Before settling in for your movie night though, may want to make a fun family dinner.  Family cooking activates such as Taco Tuesdays have increased in popularity, and Prepara has a unique kitchen gadget for whatever task is at hand.

cactus cheese grater and avocado photo by gail worley

This Cactus-shaped duo definitely puts the fun in functional when it comes to meal prep!  Made from dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic, the cheese grater’s long  shape is easy for little hands to hold when your kids want to help in the kitchen, and no sharp metal edges means it’s also much safer to use. Likewise, the adorable avocado cuber perfectly dices your avocados for making guacamole, or tossing into salads. Every household needs these tools in their kitchen. These are new items which are not appearing on the Prepara website just yet,  but when they are available for purchase  will find them — along with lots of other innovative tools for food prep and storage, at This Link.

Products featured in this post were photographed at the Housewares Summer Press Preview sponsored by the International Housewares Association.

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