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Product Review: Filippo Berio Gourmet Pesto Sauces

filippo berio products photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Do you like pasta? I sure do. I recently had the pleasure of cooking with new gourmet pasta sauces that took me on a delightful Italian culinary experience from start to finish. As a lover of Italian cuisine, but especially pasta with mouthwatering sauces, I was excited to receive a surprise package from Filippo Berio that included two jars of their latest pesto sauce flavors: Basil & Ricotta, and Truffle. Both sauces are produced in Liguria, Italy, the birthplace of pesto, which can only add an authentic touch to any meal.
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Endless Eating at The Summer Fancy Food Show 2023!

gail and chef jacques torres
Nailed It! Me with French Chef and Chocolatier Jacques Torres at SFFS 2023 (All Photos By Gail)

Put on your fat pants, bitches, because we are about to do some serious grazing. The culinary event of the summer has come and gone, leaving our taste buds with memories of euphoric ecstasy. The Summer Fancy Food Show (sponsored by the Specialty Food Association) packed NYC’s magnificent Javits Center for three gustatorily glorious  days in late June.  Boasting an impressive (read: sold out) lineup of over 2,200 makers and manufacturers from six continents, this gastronomic extravaganza showcased the very best of the specialty food and beverage world across a staggering 40-plus categories. It certainly was a lot to digest, but we will do our best to satisfy your cravings for the show’s highlights with our famous Photo Recap. Are you hungry yet?

sffs entry with sofi award statues photo by gail worley
The Specialty Food Association’s Signature Award, The Sofi
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Product Review: Pepita Egg Plant-Based Egg Substitute

pepita egg packaging photo by gail
All Photos By Gail

Do you like eggs? I sure do. Just lately, people are talking a lot about eggs as an example of an everyday food with a hugely inflated price. Yawn City. What goes up must come down, I say. Instead let’s talk about Pepita Egg, a fun and delicious new vegan Egg alternative from Spero Foods, which I will be reviewing for you today. You’re welcome.
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Tips On How to Cook With Marijuana

gummies and pot

As edibles rise in popularity, marijuana (pot) is becoming an increasingly common cooking ingredient. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about cooking with marijuana. Keep reading for tips on how to prepare pot to infuse your food with THC, which is its psychoactive ingredient.
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Product Review: Oryx Desert Salt

oryx desert salt and pepper boxes photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail (Except Where Noted)

It’s a fact: salt is the smallest ingredient in any meal, and yet it makes the biggest difference. Don’t get me started on how cooking rice and pasta in boiling salted water completely transforms the finished product. Even in baking, a pinch of salt significantly enhances the flavor of ingredients like chocolate. While most prepared foods certainly don’t need any added salt, much of what we cook from scratch would be rather tasteless without it. The thing is, not all salt is created equal.

There are different kinds of salt to choose from — Himalayan salt, Sea salt, regular Table salt —  but I was unfamiliar with Desert Salt until being introduced to Oryx Desert Salt at this years Summer Fancy Find Show. Oryx Desert Salt boasts an impressive list of benefits, not only in taste but in sustainability — which is important. They offered to send me a sample so that I could taste the difference for myself, and soon I received the following:

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