Space Girl By Mike Raz

space girl yellow 1 by mike raz photo by gail worley
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Why is it that when artists depict lady astronauts they are always wearing a full face of make up, I ask yez. Is it to let the viewer know that the character is merely a work of fiction and could never exist in real life? Am I thinking about this too hard? Probably.

space girl pink by mike raz photo by gail worley

I only recently started seeing these paste-ups of a lady astronaut, who I discovered is called Space Girl, over the summer when I was wandering aimlessly in the Chelsea Gallery District looking for art. She’s glamorous, she’s an astronaut, I like her.

space girl yellow 2 by mike raz photo by gail worley

The artist of Space Girl is named Mike Raz (@m1keraz) and you can buy limited edition prints of her face for not that much money at This Link.

Photo Below from Greenwich Village Added October 17th, 2021

mike raz space girl photo by gail worley

Photo Below From Soho Added January 6, 2022

space girl in soho photo gail worley

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