Eye On Design: Portuguese Man O’ War Brooch

portuguese manowar brooch photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Wonderful and mysterious creatures of the sea have been commemorated in all kinds of imaginative jewelry designs. Many were made as fond memories of beach holidays or an emblem of appreciation for ocean wildlife.

portuguese manowar brooch photo by gail worley

When American designer Paula Crevoshay saw a 33-carat Mexican Water Opal at a gem show in Tucson, Arizona, she immediately felt the characteristics of the fiery gem resembled the center section of a Portuguese Man o’ War.  That Opal is now set in this brooch (2014), which also includes carnelian, chrysocolla, pink sapphires, coral, and enamel on a base of white gold and enamel.

Photographed in the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan as part of the Exhibit, Beautiful Creatures, Which Has Now Closed.

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