Yes, It Exists: Frida Kahlo Soap

frida kahlo soap slice photo by gail worley
All Photo By Gail

Have you ever see a bar of soap as cute as this Frida Kahlo Cannabis Rose Artisan Soap Bar by Aura Artisan Soap? I can’t say that I have. I met owner and soap creator Aura de Leon recently at the White Label Expo, and she was so happy that I recognized Frida’s unique unibrow, which she has captured in her handcrafted soap that is a tribute to the legendary Mexican artist.

frida kahlo soap roses photo by gail worley

You can see that Aura has also captured Frida’s signature rose headdress in the colorful soap roses that adorn the top of each bar. So clever!

frida kahlo soap with label photo by gail worley

Each bar’s ingredient include olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic honey, coconut milk, goats milk, organic activated charcoal powder (for the unibrow), and cannabis rose and jasmine fragrance oil, among other natal ingredients. This luxurious and fantastic smelling soap would make the perfect gift for any artist or Frida Kahlo fan. With the holiday season coming up, you’ll be happy to know that they have an fully stocked Etsy store when you can pick this up for just $15.00. Visit Aura Artisan Soap at This Link!

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