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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Bling Panther By Dan Life

pink bling panther by dan life photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Artist and jeweler Dan Life (also known as Daniel Jacob) makes wearable art and tabletop items that glitter and shine with his hand-set crystal embellishments. This Pink Panther sculpture was spotted prowling around inside a vitrine in his booth at NY Now. I couldn’t find this exact piece on the website, but I did see a Pink Panther Head Pendant which sells for $550, if you want to check it, out at This Link!

Three Must Have Jewelry Boxes

assorted costume jewelry
The Childhood Costume Jewelry Collection (Image Source)

As a child, I amassed quite a collection of costume jewelry pieces – mostly cast-offs from my mom’s and grandmother’s collections — which I wore when playing ‘Dress Up’ games with my friends. It didn’t have much real value, but I loved my collection of gaudy baubles, nonetheless.  My first ‘jewelry box’ was just a little cardboard box, where I would return my beads, brooches, and rings once I was done with my play, but I would often open that box just to admire my treasure. Eventually, I inherited a proper jewelry box from my older sister, and while it was rather beat up-looking, I confess I never thought to replace it (sentimental value, I suppose) until I was well into adulthood. Continue reading Three Must Have Jewelry Boxes

5 Cannabis-Inspired Statement Fashion Pieces to Elevate Your Look

pot slogan tee shirt

In recent years, interest in cannabis and its consumption has grown exponentially. While smoking a joint is the most common way to consume cannabis, different devices such as vaporizers, dabs, and water pipes are becoming popular. Some people use it for recreational purposes only, but others find that it provides relief for certain ailments. Cannabis is becoming a part of every industry out there, and that includes fashion.

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Diamond Types: Classification, Cut, and Clarity

cut diamonds
Image Source

Diamonds are a classic gemstone for any occasion, especially weddings and engagements. A diamond’s  sparkle first attracts our eyes, followed by our hearts. However, there is more to diamonds than sparkle, especially when making a lifetime investment. Generally, the cut, clarity, carat, and color are the parameters to consider when buying diamond jewelry. In this article, we will look at three Cs: Classification, Cut, and Clarity.

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Eye On Design: Portuguese Man O’ War Brooch

portuguese manowar brooch photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Wonderful and mysterious creatures of the sea have been commemorated in all kinds of imaginative jewelry designs. Many were made as fond memories of beach holidays or an emblem of appreciation for ocean wildlife.

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