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Four Healthy Food Trends to Adopt in Your Cooking

mediterranean food

Food health is an important consideration in our day-to-day lives, and one which often governs the decisions we make at home, at restaurants and even in supermarkets. But attitudes toward ‘health food’ change with the times, and new trends come and go as we discover unique ways to eat healthier. Here are some of the best trends to emerge in 2022 that introduce us to new healthy foodstuffs and habits.

Air Frying

One of the biggest trends to hit domestic cooking in the last decade has been the introduction of a new kitchen appliance: the air-fryer. Air-fryers are, in essence, a counter-top convection oven, using a fan to keep hot air circulating around food as it bakes. This speeds-up the cooking process and creates an effect similar to deep-fat frying – but, crucially, without the calorie content.

Air fryers have become a modern-day essential, spawning hundreds of online recipes and ideas to make the most of this revolutionary new way of cooking. Authentic takeaway-style fries and guilt-free fried chicken recipes are a breeze, while tasty and healthy new recipes are constantly being developed.

mediterranean food
Photo by Naim Benjelloun on Pexels.com

Mediterranean Dishes

Regional cuisines are, of course, evergreen – but each year, food and home cooking trends see one favored over the others. In 2022, it’s Mediterranean cuisine that has captured hearts and minds, for several key reasons. Firstly, Mediterranean food is flavorful and healthy, with a wide array of spices and bright, veg-dominant recipes.

Secondly, cooking Mediterranean food is easy – not just in preparation, but also on the wallet. All you need is a decent set of frying pans and a roasting dish to cook amazing Mediterranean recipes, and the common ingredients – tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplant – are easy to find for a bargain at your local supermarkets.

flax seeds
Photo by Delphine Hourlay on Pexels.com

Flax Seeds

Speaking of ingredients, other food trends have formed around the growing popularity of one ingredient, often touted as a superfood in its own right: flax seed. Flax seed is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids available, and, according to recent medical studies, it can significantly reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Flax seed is not an inherently flavorful ingredient, but it’s also a simple addition to a wide variety of dishes to receive additional health benefits. It’s used to the greatest effect as an addition to cereals or in baking, though it can be added to salad dressings and even mayonnaise.

plant based
Photo by Fuzzy Rescue on Pexels.com

The Plant-Based Revolution

Lastly, there has been something of a revolution in overall dietary habits in the UK, with more than one origin point. Meat consumption is down by nearly a fifth in comparison to a decade ago, as more Britons turn vegetarian or cut down on portion sizes. Personal health is one driver, while sustainability aims have also become increasingly important in the public eye. Either way, plant-based alternatives are paving the way to a greener, healthier future!

Casa Verde Offers 50% Off Online Orders For Cinco De Mayo!

case verde meals packaging display
Image Courtesy of Casa Verde

Foodie fans of The ‘Gig might remember reading about Casa Verde foods in this post, so you already know that these vegetarian-friendly Latin meal kits are delicious, versatile, and good for you. As if it couldn’t get any better than that, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Casa Verde is running a major promotion! For 3 days only (May 3rd through the 5th) they’re offering a huge discount of 50% off your entire order when you enter the code CINCO50M at checkout! Click here to stock your pantry with plant-based goodness now! Ole!

Create Healthy Latin Meals Easily With Casa Verde!

casa verde meals photo by gail worley
Casa Verde’s Line of Plant-Based, Latin Meals (All Photos By Gail)

If you are like me, you love to eat, but would rather leave the cooking to others. Since I can’t dine out every day, my freezer is stuffed with Trader Joe’s favorites and my pantry holds staples like canned goods, pasta and rice, so I don’t go hungry, but sometimes I feel like I could be eating healthier.  I confess though that I am lazy in the kitchen and not the most imaginative cook, so I also need meal prep to be easy. Fortunately, if you can bring yourself to dice a few fresh vegetables and cook a pot of rice, you can eat like a true Foodie at home with Casa Verde’s new line of  heat-and-eat, plant-based meal kits that are perfectly portioned for a party of one.

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Yes, It Exists: Frida Kahlo Soap

frida kahlo soap slice photo by gail worley
All Photo By Gail

Have you ever see a bar of soap as cute as this Frida Kahlo Cannabis Rose Artisan Soap Bar by Aura Artisan Soap? I can’t say that I have. I met owner and soap creator Aura de Leon recently at the White Label Expo, and she was so happy that I recognized Frida’s unique unibrow, which she has captured in her handcrafted soap that is a tribute to the legendary Mexican artist.

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Product Review: Koita Dairy-Free Oat Milk

koita oat milk and cereal box photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail Worley

The simple pleasures of enjoying a bowl of cereal with milk has returned to my life recently, thanks to a line of shelf-stable, plant-based milks from Koita, a natural foods company based in Italy (check out my review of Koita’s Organic Coconut Milk at This Link). This week I am reviewing Koita Oat Milk, made from Italian oats and water, and fortified with vitamins and calcium. I’ve reviewed oat milk-based beverages on the blog before and found them to be quite delicious, and ideal as a milk-substitute in smoothies and shakes, thanks to its creamy texture that’s very similar to dairy milk.

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