Pink Thing of The Day: Artist in a Pink Bunny Costume

mika takeuchi photo by gail worley
Photos by Gail Worley

I have been known to good-naturedly refer to Art Expo as the Hotel/Motel Art Show of NYC art fairs, in that it hosts lots of art for people who do not really understand art. That means it is more about generating sales than blowing minds, and that is totally fine. Not everything can be as elitist and untouchable (read: fun) as Frieze. On the upside, the most recent Art Expo took place over Halloween weekend, so what it lacked in original artwork it made up for in A+ People -Watching. Take this woman dressed as a Pink Bunny, for example.

artist mika takeuchi photo by gail worley

She is Japanese artist Mika Takeuchi, and she is dressed as a character from one of her performance pieces entitled Sentimental Park. I love that name so much. To find out more about Mika and what Sentimental Park is all about, follow her on Instagram at @mika_artwork.

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