Yes, It Exists: Blood Bath Shower Gel

blood bath shower gel
Photo By Gail

It’s too bad that I couldn’t wait for Halloween – which is understandable, being as it’s more that ten months away — to post this very creepy Cherry-scented Shower Gel disguised as a gruesome bag of blood.

Here’s the product description (with a bit of embellishment from me):

Perfect for the Horror Movie buff, the Blood Bath Shower Gel is a truly terrifying accessory for your bathroom. Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the shower, what should confront you but a real blood bath! Forget about Cocoa Butter and Honey Jojoba, all the vampires nowadays are washing up with these cherry-scented bags of blood shower gel – didn’t anyone tell you? After a tough day battling werewolves and armies of the undead, what better way to freshen up before nipping out for a bite down at your local morgue than a hot shower and a good scrub down with our cherry-scented Blood Bath Shower Gel. Packaged in a realistic Plastic Blood Pouch tucked into a recycleable paperboard box.

Manufactured by the good-humored peeps at Gift Republic, you can find it available for purchase from Amazon.

Photographed at the NY Now Winter Market at Javits Center.

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