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Since the first motorcycle appeared in the 19th century, they have gone through various transformations regarding design; but for many years, motorcycles were nearly indistinguishable from each other to a casual rider. That changed in the mid-70s, when the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers employed industrial designers to create something unconventional and attract new buyers.

The result was the motorcycle designs we’re familiar with today, which have persisted even after more than 40 years.  These days, it’s difficult to stand out from other designers when designing motorcycles because nearly everything has already been tried before. Still, modern motorcycle designers are constantly attempting to come up with something unorthodox, hoping that their design can sell the product and turn a profit.

A motorcycle’s design is what defines the appearance, function, and engineering of the vehicle, and in this post, we’ll focus on each aspect of that design. Let’s have a look at some of the most extraordinary motorcycle designs from both the past and the present.

MV Agusta Rush 1000

This bike (pictured above) is a dream come true for all the fans of hyper motorcycles, and surely one of the most stunning MV Agusta motorcycles ever produced. Released in 2020, the Rush 1000 model absolutely justifies its premium price tag. It features 209 horsepower at 13000 RPM, a top speed of up to 300 km/h, and a displacement of 998 ccm. Only 300 of this model were made, so if you own one, consider yourself very fortunate.

ducati 916

Ducati 916

When the Ducato 916 was released back in 1994, it was a game-changer to the enitre motorcycle industry. Considered one of the most gorgeous bikes in history, Ducati 916 incorporates superb aesthetics with great functionality, due to the collaboration of Ducati’s engineers and designers. This allows the Ducati 916 model to have ultimate performance and aerodynamics while preserving a great appearance. It features 114 horsepower at 9000 RPM, a top speed of up to 255 km/h, and a displacement of 916 ccm.

suzuki katana

Suzuki Katana GSX-S1000

The first Katana model was released in the early 1980s and ,due to its enormous popularity and demand, Suzuki has decided to pay homage to its classic model by creating a modernized and altered version. Suzuki has managed to completely overhaul this urban bike while preserving the 80’s retro vibe. This Japanese beauty features 147.5 horsepower at 10000 RPM, a top speed of up to 233 km/h, and a capacity of 999 ccm.

harley davidson fxs lowrider

Harley-Davidson Low Rider FXS

Back in the 7190s, motorcycle modifications were a huge thing, and that’s why Harley-Davidson decided to produce a chopper with a “parts bin” approach, resulting in a motorcycle that looks like a custom job from the factory. It got its name from 27-inch seat height, and it remained one of the most iconic Harley-Davidson models, which is quite popular among collectors. This vintage bike features 58 horsepower at 5150 RPM, a top speed up to 158 km/h, and an engine’s capacity of 1207 ccm.

kawasaki ninja

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

This bike is too powerful, too fast, too attractive, and too pricey, and even though it’s not road legal, it’s still one of the favored choices of those who enjoy riding on runways. From the moment it was launched in 2019, it seduced riders across the globe with its futuristic appearance and superb performance. This beast has 310 horsepower at 14000 RPM, a top speed of mind-boggling 400 km/h, and an engine displacement of 998 ccm.


These are some of the best-designed motorcycles, in our opinion. Of course, there are dozens of other models we could include, but that would make this post too long for anyone to read. Designing a motorcycle is much more straightforward today, with the support of various technologies and software. Motorcycle designers are now turning to electric bikes, which are less challenging since they don’t have standard parts that ordinary bikes possess. With this in mind, it’s hard to predict what kind of motorcycle designs we can expect in the future. What are some of the models you think should have made the list? Let’s discuss this in the comments. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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