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These days, the notion of Spring Cleaning applies more to tasks like purging your closets or scrubbing the floors: the really time-sucking, dirty jobs that you put off doing as long as possible.  I think I can speak for the majority though when I say that — in the past two years especially — day-to-day cleaning is what is on everyone’s mind. Most importantly, from wiping-down counter tops to being extra vigilant about washing your hands, we look for products that clean effectively, are gentle on the skin, and are made from natural ingredients wherever possible. There could not be a better time than now to introduce you to the Hand over Heart line of household cleaning essentials. Hand over Heart is a family business founded on the belief that no one should have to choose between cleaner living and effective cleaning.

The folks at Hand over Heart recently sent me two of their most popular products — Pure Surface Cleaner multi-purpose spray, and their lavender and pear-scented Pure Hand Soap — and I put them both to use immediately. Here’s my full report.

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Hand over Heart’s all-natural Pure Surface Cleaner is made with a powerful blend of naturally derived, plant-based cleansers. It contains no harsh fumes or chemicals (so it will not harm the environment) and is safe enough to use around children and pets. I gave this cleaner a basic tour around the Chickpad this morning as I used it to clean my stove top, display shelves, and a space on the wooden floor behind one of my small storage cabinets, which had not been wiped down in longer than I can even recall.

No scrubbing is needed: simply spray the solution on the surface of whatever you want to clean and wipe it off (I used paper towels). For tougher stains, you can let the cleaner sit for a minute before wiping. Even on the long-neglected floor space, one wipe is all that was needed to get rid of some serious dirt accumulation. The nozzle can be adjusted with a twist to a focused-stream or wider spray, depending on your preference.

A true multipurpose formula, Pure Surface Cleaner effectively cleans your counters, appliances, floors, walls, tables, glass, toilets and just about any non-porous surface! It even left a streak-free sparkle on my chrome fixtures, and the rolling base of my task chair. It’s especially pleasant to use because there is no harsh ammonia smell to this cleaner. The label suggests a scent of ‘Morning Dew,’ but I honestly could not detect any scent, which is fine by me.

Pure Surface Cleaner is currently on sale at a pretty hot price, so check it out at this link and maybe stock up!

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I don’t know about you, but I have never washed my hands more often in my life than I have in the past two years. Needless to say, but you can see I am about to, it has taken a toll on my skin — especially in the dry winter weather! Thank goodness for Hand over Heart’s 100% natural Pure Hand Soap, which you can see contains no artificial dyes.

Only good things from the earth go into this nourishing blend of Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil-Based Emollient, Chamomile Extract and Glycerin, for a gentle soap that delivers a superior clean that’s non-irritating and safe.  Suitable for even sensitive skin, this natural hand soap contains no sulfates, eye-numbing agents, toxins, parabens, phosphates, petrolatums, animal by-products, synthetic fragrances, dyes or caustic agents.

Hand over Heart’s Pure Hand Soap is very thick, so just a small amount is needed, and its natural cleansers and emollients work up a smooth, gentle lather to remove all dirt from your hands as it moisturizes to leave your skin nourished. I found the lavender pear scent be very faint, but pleasant. I’ve used it a couple of times today and felt no need to moisturize my hands again after drying them. I love it!

Visit Hand over Heart online to shop their full product line, which is loaded with great values. Receive a discount code on your first purchase, and free shipping on all orders over $30!

hand over heart products with vase photo by gail worley

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