Easter Holiday Activity Ideas 2022

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The Easter holidays are coming up and it’s an ideal time to relax and enjoy some fun activities. Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with your family or enjoy a getaway with your friends, the Easter holidays represent the perfect opportunity. Below, we explore some of the best ideas for fun activities.

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Egg Scavenger Hunt

An egg scavenger hunt in your garden can be a lot of fun with your family. Ideally, you’ll set up a hunt to keep the little ones entertained. The trick is to avoid offering too many treats: by carefully concealing one or two special chocolate rewards, you can make the game more exciting. By combining this with homemade Easter decorations, you can really capture the spirit of the holiday.

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Easter Trail

Alternatively, if you want to leave the house with your family over Easter, you can find an exciting trail sponsored by another organization for everyone to enjoy. This is where you’ll be given clues over a beautiful location to try and find rewards at specific locations. Bonus: it will save you the trouble of setting up your own hunt.

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The weather should finally be improving over Easter, and what better way to take advantage of that than by having a picnic. Just select a pretty location outdoors and invite your friends and loved ones. From there, everyone just needs to chip in with some food to share and you should have a picnic ready!

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Visit Gardens

Spring is a gorgeous time for nature and for flowers blooming and you can take full advantage by visiting your nearest gardens. Whether it’s a garden center or botanical garden, you should be set for an enjoyable and tranquil time.

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If you’re more interested in sports, there are plenty of options too. Why not book a stay at a golf course for you and some friends? You’ll be able to stay in a luxurious hotel, alongside the sublime backdrop of a golf course. Just make sure you practice and get yourself into form beforehand!

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It might still be chilly in spring but going swimming outdoors can be a lot of fun. By taking on the bracing cold, you can enjoy plenty of mental and physical benefits. Just remember to take care and pick a safe location.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy over Easter. Just pick one of the options above and kick back and relax with family and friends.

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