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Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn Opens With a Community Launch Party

chelsea piers field house launch party

On June 17, Chelsea Piers, New York City’s go-to destination for sports and recreation, will celebrate the launch of Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn, its new family-friendly sports facility located at 601 Dean Street. The community-focused event invites the public to the new state-of the-art recreational center to experience all that the Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn has to offer. The massive family-friendly facility highlights include an 80+ degree learn-to-swim pool, an Olympic-sized gymnastics center, two boarded turf fields, a specialized ninja + parkour center, and several birthday and event spaces. Continue reading Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn Opens With a Community Launch Party

Product Review: Laguna Sunscreen By SUNPLUS

laguna sunscreen by the pool
All Images Courtesy of SunPlus

OK, summer is officially here, yay! For folks living in regions where summer only lasts three months (that is, anywhere besides California or Florida), it’s time to enjoy being outside in the sun as much as possible! Yes, the sun is awesome, but everyone, regardless of skin tone, needs a degree of sun-protection. If you are like me and have a super-fair Scandinavian complexion, sun-bathing and long beach-days are not on the table.

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Easter Holiday Activity Ideas 2022

happy easter yellow door

The Easter holidays are coming up and it’s an ideal time to relax and enjoy some fun activities. Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with your family or enjoy a getaway with your friends, the Easter holidays represent the perfect opportunity. Below, we explore some of the best ideas for fun activities.
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Creative “No Littering” Sign!

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Cuteness Alert: Kingsford the Tiny Pig Goes To The Beach!

Everybody knows that – whether running freely on the beach or sizzling deliciously in a pan – I love pigs! Here is a cute video of Kingsford the tiny piglet having a typical day’s worth of adventures with his human family. My favorite part of the video is when the evil Siamese cat is afraid of the tiny pig. Later, they go to the beach and Kingsford just jumps into the ocean and begins to swim about happily. Pigs are awesome.