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We are living in a golden age of design. In previous centuries, most items were purely practical and utilitarian, with little thought given to esthetics. Needs always outweighed desires in those practical times. In the industrialized and competitive world of today, things like cars, clothes, tech and other commercial products require careful design to best ally form with function and attract buyers.

Demand for qualified designers is growing faster than the output can satisfy, so if you decide to join this lucrative and fast-growing industry, which design school is the best equipt to get you your dream job? That is precisely the question we will address with our list of the best design schools the world currently has to offer.

University of the Arts, London

UAL is the Harvard of design schools. Arts and design is its flagship faculty, and it has been a globally recognized leader in this field for decades. Many of its previous graduates went on to land major design jobs with household names like Apple and BMW and have won numerous design awards over the years. UAL is a highly prestigious university that, according to student feedback, lives up to its reputation and almost guarantees you a successful future as a top-level designer.

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Aalto University, Finland

Aalto university was formed in 2010 but has already made its name with its art, science, and business programs. Despite its young age, Aalto ranks among the finest universities for studying arts and design. Their entire design program spans five years, with three to acquire a bachelor’s degree and an additional two for a master’s. Students can choose their specialization from industrial, creative, business, or media design.

Aalto offers a rare combination of quality and affordability. It’s a new player, which means tuition fees are still restrained while the quality of education is up there with the best. Join in on their ascension path while you can!

ArtCenter College of Design

The ArtCenter College of Design has been around since 1930. It features two campuses in California and is home to over 2000 students from roughly 50 different countries. This college has multiple design programs covering graphic design, infrastructure, entertainment, and a few others. ArtCenter paved the way for many famous designers who made their name in advertising, car design, and filmmaking.

ArtCenter should be firmly on your radar if you are looking for a diverse learning environment with the highest academic standards. Feedback given by former students as well as active ones strongly indicates that you won’t go wrong with this university.

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Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute is a prestigious school based in New York with three branches in Utica, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. It offers both graduate and undergraduate design courses in Industrial, Fashion, interior, and communications design. Pratt will take you through four years of bachelor’s studies, after which you should narrow your desired area of specialization and go on to a Master’s.

Pratts’ involvement in the making of your success doesn’t stop there. They help their students secure jobs after graduation and even facilitate enrollment in internship programs with reputable companies during your course. Pratt institute prides itself in the fact that almost all of its graduates have gone on to achieve success in their respective specialties.

Bottom line

Designers are made from passion, not out of necessity. Choosing the right university is essential for ensuring a correct development path and maximizing your chances for future success. We hope our list of design schools helps you make the right choice, and you ultimately land that job you have always dreamt of!

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