Become One With Nature on a Trip to Scotland

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Scotland possesses fantastic landscapes, breathtaking cliffs, ridges and amazingly-looking rocky constructions. Why not take your family or friends on a day trip to the country’s most popular and beautiful places? Become one with the nature of Scotland with our top guide to the best natural attractions!

The Old Man of Hoy

Located on the isle of Hoy, this attraction reaches 137 metres in height. It is a sea stack – a rock column, whose formation is caused by wave erosion. Such a construction often appears near the sea coast.

Why You Should Visit

The Old Man is considered to be one of the highest stacks in the UK. The approximate age of the construction is no more than 100 years. If you look at it from a specific angle, you can see the human figure. It is a popular spot among tourists for the scenery it possesses. Pick up your chance to see it before it collapses into the sea waters!

How to Get There

The stack can be found near Rackwick Bay. You can get to Hoy island by ferry, provided by Orkney Ferries. There are several options, like a vessel from Stromness to Moness. There are also car ferries available from Houton in Orphir.

The Storr

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It is a rocky high ground that you can find on the Skye Isle. The Storr faces the Sound of Raasay and shows the longest landslip in Britain. There is an area that is located in front of the precipices and is called Sanctuary.

Why You Should Visit

Foremost, the Storr cliffs in contrast with grassy hills create a fantastic landscape. The Sanctuary area has weirdly-looking rock-pointed constructions. They are considered to be the remnants of the landslides that happened a lot of years ago. The place is perfect for amazing photos of natural rocky features.

There are several paths for visitors available. One of them is well-maintained and leads you straight to the Storr’s cliffs through the clearfell area. You are allowed to climb, have a walk, and take pictures.

How To Get There

The Storr is situated quite far from the biggest Scottish cities. The nearest city is Portree – 7 miles away. The most convenient way to get there is to book a car hire and spend some time on the road. The road might take quite some time. You can use a nearby car park by A855.

The Holyrood Park

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The surroundings of Edinburgh are rich in fantastic landscapes, and Holyrood Park is in charge of protecting them. The territory of the reserve is about 650 acres, and it is located 1.6 km away from Edinburgh Castle.

Why You Should Visit

The area of the park possesses basalt cliffs, gorse patches, mountain ridges and several lakes: Dunsapie Loch, Duddingston Loch and St Margaret’s Loch. Moreover, you can find several architectural landmarks, like the ruins of St Anthony’s Chapel. Among the famous features of the park, there is Arthur’s Seat – the place where you can observe the panoramic view of Edinburgh.

You are welcome to come and enjoy camping, experience climbing Arthur’s Seat or just have a stroll within the territory.

How To Get There

If you were thinking about cheap cars for hire, then it is time to try them! The rental vehicle is one of the best options to travel not only to Holyrood Park but to other places as well. Book a car hire Edinburgh Airport and spend only 20 minutes on the road from the airport!

Pentland Hills

The hills range is located right between Edinburgh and Biggar, by Clydesdale. The main rock of Pentland Hills is a sandstone, combined with conglomerates.

Why You Should Visit It

The area flourishes during different seasons, especially in autumn. You can also observe the highest peaks there:

  • East Cairn Hill
  • Scald Law
  • South Black Hill
  • West Cairn Hill
  • Carnethy Hill

You can try such activities as cycling, fishing, horse riding, camping, and even alpaca walks!

How To Get There

You can use a train, go by bike or hire a car in Edinburgh to get there. If you use an automobile, you will spend only 20 minutes on the road. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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