Eye On Design: Interiors By Allison Eden Studios

allison eden interiors photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Designer Allison Eden got her start over 25 years ago designing custom glass mosaics for private clients ( you can see an example of her beautiful work on the far left in the above photo). Eden then began applying her colorful, pop art aesthetic to a variety of interior finishes including textiles, wallpapers and carpets to develop one of the most fun and recognizable brands in the industry.

beaded lips table cloth photo by gail worley

At NY Now, her booth was alive with a vibrant new series showcasing a rainbow-hued variation of her popular Lips designs. The collection goes beyond wallpaper and textiles to include table top accessories — such as storage and tissue boxes — and dining table settings featuring beaded placemats and napkin rings! Gorgeous!

beaded lips dining table setting photo by gail worley

How could any food compete with a table that looks this cool?

allison eden lips interior photo by gail worley

Imagine what dreams you might have if you were to fall  asleep looking at this wallpaper? Sweet! Check out her website at This Link!

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