Favorite Art From The Affordable Art Fair, Fall 2022!

c thomas projects booth photo by gail worley
The Winner of Pinkest Booth at the Fair is London’s C. Thomas Projects for Ideel Art (All Photos By Gail)

If I am ever asked to name my three favorite pastimes (which really is not often) I will respond as follows:

I like to Eat
I like to Look at Art
I like to Watch TV

You can see that my love of Art is way up there, ranking just behind my love of sustenance, TV and also (not mentioned previously) sleeping. Art Fairs are a terrific way to get a huge and diverse art fix in one place and my favorite is the twice-annual Affordable Art Fair (AAF), which I have been highlighting and photo-recapping since 2015! I can’t believe how much I rule.

detail of ideel art booth photo by gail worley

Between the dates of NYC’s Fall 2022 AAF in late September and now, I went on a really fabulous vacation that involved both international destinations and a cruise, so I trust you’ll excuse the lateness of this look-back on a very fun and inspirational installment, because I just could not get it together any sooner!

art by yuri tayshete photo by gail worley

I always find myself attracted to paintings of banal, everyday items — which probably explains why I am so fond of Jeff Koons. These four oil-on-canvas paintings are by artist Japanese artist Yuri Tayshete, represented by Jonathan Miller Spies Fine Art of NYC, and they sell for $975 each.

dinky toys car photo by gail worley

This tiny blue car is part of a triptych called Dinky Toys by Holly Farrell that also includes one red and one green car. Spotted at the booth for  Clark Gallery of MA, the set sells for$6,000.

coca cola bottle cap photo by gail worley

Coca Cola Bottle Cap by Jamie Eade ($1,000) was spotted at Tag Fine Arts of London!

tag fine arts booth photo by gail worley
Tag Fine Arts Booth Installation View

ice cream series five photo by gail worley

Have you ever tried to eat an ice cream cone that looked like this? It seems like it would be impossible to handle before it melted all over everything, but it’s nice to have ambition. Ice Cream Series Five by Megan Coonelly sells for $2,500 at PxP Contemporary (Coonelly’s artwork is also available from  Gallery Orange of New Orleans).

art by cory oberndorfer photo by gail worley

Here’s more luscious ice cream-inspired art by Cory Oberndorfer at Alida Anderson Art Projects of DC. The realistic-looking Bomb Pop at center sells for $3,500.

betsy enzensberger art photo by gail worley

I certainly can’t mention art inspired by ice cream without a huge nod to one of our favorite artists, Betsey Enzensberger, whose brightly-colored and embellished resin sculptures (which she calls her Original Melting Pops series) continue to evolve.

betsy enzensberger art photo by gail worley

Betsy has expanded her repertoire recently and is now creating fantasy sculptures of Burgers and Fries — very fun!

betsy enzensberger art photo by gail worley

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newbie,  Betsy’s work is very affordable, with most pieces selling for under $500! For the AFF, she is represented by Treat Gallery here in New York.

art by jess wright photo by gail worley

Hires So Good (HSG) and Oops The Country is Melting are vintage tin soda cans, rolled flat and embellished with crystal rhinestones and beads to create a sculptural effect. Very unique! Created by Jess Wright (Art Jess Wright) and selling for $1,790 each.

koons ballerina photo by gail worley

Getting back to banality for a second, this ink-and-acrylic-on-rice-paper sketch of Koons Ballerina by Louise Soloway Chan really took me back to 2017 and visiting the Seated Ballerina installation at Rockefeller Center. Found at Soy Gallery of Hong Kong, this piece can be yours for  $2,500.

lipstick sculpture photo by gail worley

This larger-than-life lipstick sculpture entitled Mini Truka 2 ($1,140) is by Giorgio Laveri. If you missed it at the fair, find it online at Palma Arte of Italy.

love pills photo by gail worley

If ‘Love is The Drug’ then you need to score these Love Pills ($900 each) ceramic sculptures by Tal Nehoray. Available from Ronen Art Gallery in the Netherlands.

farmers market photo by gail worley

If Hieronymus Bosch had created a series botanical prints, they might have looked somewhat like what you see in Farmer’s Market by Amy Ross ($1,800) available from Clark Gallery. This piece would look so great in any kitchen!

yarn sculpture by traci johnson photo by gail worley

Here’s something a little bit different: A yarn sculpture (aka Rug) by Traci Johnson entitled Didn’t I Do It For You? Very cool, and quite the statement piece! Established Gallery of Brooklyn had this on sale for just $5,800.

3d sculpture by angee ferrin photo by gail worley

The popularity of 3D printing has facilitated the creative process for sculpture in ways that previously would not have been possible. A great example are these whimsical Bomb sculptures by Angee Ferrin, which sell for $950 each. Fun!

vinyl series photo by gail worley

This wouldn’t be a proper AAF recap if I didn’t include at least one nod to David Bowie and The Beatles. This dynamic series of lenticular prints depicting classic vinyl album covers is by Philippe le Closier. Available from New York’s Azart Gallery, selling for $950 each.

aperture 2 photo by gail worley

Another terrific lenticular print is this piece, entitled Aperture 2 by Jeff Robb, in which the elbows and knees appear to jump right out of the canvas! It sells for $10,000, from Galerie Envie d’Art in Paris.

paisley moon photo by gail worley

I always like to feature at least one work by Greg Creason.  This piece is called Paisley Moon, representing his signature style of embellished giclée with blown glass scraps, foil and resin. This beauty can be yours for just $3625 from Creason’s Fine Art of New Orleans.

dance of flamingo photo by gail worley

Dance of Flamingo by Toyin Loye is $4,500 at Chiefs & Spirits, Netherlands.

word art photo by gail worley

Do you like Word Art? I sure do.  These captivating pieces (the titles are  on the canvas) are by  Kevin Sloan, selling for $2,400 to $2,800 at Clark Gallery. I really  love these.

lustre gallery booth photo by gail worley

Let’s take look at some of the fair’s more engaging abstract art, starting with this installation view of the booth for Lustre Gallery of Telluride, CO. I always love their stuff.

av 679 photo by gail worley

This one goes with any modern décor! AV-679 by Alex Voinea, sells for $9,300 from I Le Gallery of Spain.

ovaries by lindsey acree photo by gail worley

What does this look like to you? That’s right: Ovaries! This crimson-hued piece by Lindsey Acree ($4,200) is an example of the feminist works she creates for Eleventh Hour Art. Very powerful.

pressure 13 photo by gail worley

This is fabulous: Pressure XIII, a bentwood sculpture by Juan Abuela is $5,500 at J Camejo Art of New York.

sans titre ref 326 photo by gail worley

Sans Titre (Ref 326) by Nicolas Dubreuille is only $500 at Galerie Duret of Paris. What a bargain!

booth shot galerie duret paris photo by gail worley

Galerie Duret had such a lovely booth installation overall,  I thought I’d use it as my parting shot! Thank you for the juicy art fix, AAF, see you again  in the Spring!

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