Tips to Stay Fit and Happy While Writing Your Dissertation

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Dissertations are one of the most difficult tasks that students must undertake during their studies. It’s very involved, requiring hours of researching, creating an outline, writing, drafting, editing, etc. a dissertation takes the bulk of your time, and it’s easy to get so carried away that you can neglect yourself and your health. Some students tend to avoid this problem by outsourcing their dissertation to the best dissertation writing service, but not all students can afford that. If you fall in the latter group, here are a few tips to ensure you remain healthy, fit and happy while writing your dissertation.

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  1. Watch Your Posture

Since you will be spending long hours working at your computer, it’s important that you watch your posture. Spending long hours hunching your back at work might lead to a  back pain. Laptop designs make it easy for users to fall into bad posture while using them, so you should use a laptop stand and a keyboard separate from the laptop. This ensures that the screen is far enough away and high enough that you don’t have to bend your neck or hunch your back when using it. Avoid your sitting on a bed and couch while working as they also encourage bad posture.

2. Move Around Often

It’s easy to get engrossed in your dissertation writing that you don’t realize that hours have flown past at the desk. Try to avoid sitting in a spot for too long. Take breaks regularly to stand up, stretch and relieve some of the tension built up in your body by walking around.

3. Spare Some Time for Social Engagements

Writing an excellent thesis requires you to create and follow a very strict writing schedule to avoid time management issues, such as procrastination. However, create some time to engage in social activities within your schedule. For instance, add breaks for family time, travel, entertainment, and other social engagements.

Socializing can help reduce the stress of researching and writing and make your mind and body feel rejuvenated. By having fun and interacting with friends and family, your mind is reenergized and prepared for the next step in your writing.

Socializing also helps you overcome writer’s block and can ensure you’re motivated enough to continue the task. The support from your friends and family will inspire you as you work on the project.

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4. Watch Your Diet

A balanced diet tops the list of things easily swept aside when working on projects like a dissertation. There might be exceptions for people with kind parents, friends, or partners who would cook healthy meals for them, ensuring their nutrition doesn’t suffer as they work on their dissertation. Otherwise, students almost automatically revert to eating junk or fast food, especially if they’re living alone.

One way to ensure your nutrition remains intact without spending too much time in the kitchen is to cook in multiple portions in advance. Make your pasta sauce, chili, vegetable soup, etc., in large quantities and freeze them. You can also buy foods like apples and carrots to snack on instead of chips or chocolate. Remember to drink lots of water and do not skip your breakfast.

5. Get Regular Exercise

It’s not enough to keep different postures while working; you can take the extra step of caring for your body through exercises. Although it might be hard to create time for exercise because of your dissertation, you must see it as necessary. You can help yourself by paying for an exercise class that automatically becomes part of your schedule. It’s easier to push it aside if you do it yourself. You wouldn’t want your money to go to waste, would you? It doesn’t matter if you feel like doing it or not; exercise keeps you fit. You need it more as you write your dissertation to keep your body and brain active and intact.

6. Protect Your Eyes

You shouldn’t lose your eyesight writing a dissertation, but working on a computer for long hours can strain your eyes, so you need to protect them. Start by maintaining the right settings on your computer and using a computer light screen. When working at night, change the settings to reduce the display light or use the right tools to adjust the color for your working conditions. You should also ensure your room is well-lit; your computer should never be the only light source you use to study.


Writing a dissertation is difficult and can drain you physically and emotionally. If you fail to take care of yourself during the process, it might lead to health issues that you might suffer long-term, such as back pain, bad sight, stress, weight gain, neck pain, etc.  It’s important to remain healthy, fit and happy while writing your dissertation. Thankfully, there are several easy tips to achieve this goal. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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