5 Temples That You Must Visit In Phuket, Thailand

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Wat Khao Rang

Thailand’s rich culture can be found in its small towns, as evidenced by its distinct blend of culture and religious sites in Phuket. This small town embodies Thailand’s diverse culture in splendor and beauty.

You can also find Chinese shrines, particularly in Phuket, due to the Chinese community that has migrated to Thailand over the centuries. In Phuket, there are as many Chinese shrines as there are Wats, so you’re bound to find a colorful and exciting temple close to whereever you go. Here are 5 temples you should add on your trip to Phuket.

phuket big buddha
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Phuket Big Buddha

The Big Buddha in Phuket is one of the island’s most significant and revered landmarks. A must-see attraction, Big Buddha stands 45 meters tall at the top of Nakkerd hill in Karon, Phuket. Big Buddha is made of white marble. On a clear, bright day, you will be treated to a mesmerizing panoramic view of Chalong Bay, Phuket Town. Due to its elevation, this destination has one of the best sunset spots in Phuket.

The atmosphere is very peaceful when you are there. The only sounds heard in the compound are the tinkling of tiny bells and the fluttering of yellow Buddhist flags, with soul-calming background dharma music. As you can see, there is a sense of spirituality and calmness, so if you are looking for ways to visit Big Buddha, here is a quick guide about specific things to know before going to the Big Buddha temple in Phuket, all ready for you.

wat chalong

Wat Chalong

]Wat Chalong is Phuket’s largest and most visited temple, attracting both worshippers and tourists. With its rich history and a sacred relic on its grounds, this site holds great religious and patriotic significance.

]For a spiritual experience as a place of worship, tourists will see many locals praying and lighting candles, which is generally a very peaceful experience but is frequently interrupted by the loud bang of Chinese Fire Crackers to ward off evil spirits. Such an experience can be emotional, so you can purchase some small gifts to remember this experience from a large stall near the gate that sells various candles, flowers, and joss sticks for a few hundred Baht.

Wat Khao Rang

Like the Big Buddha, the main attraction at Wat Khao Rang is the giant seated Golden Buddha statue. But this golden statue was first. The temple is located in a strategic location visible from many parts of Phuket Town, and visitors to the statue can get great views of the landscape below.

You will find fewer tourists here. Instead, you see people giving alms to monks early morning. Take a walk around the temple to see some incredible Thai art forms, such as a statue of Yommaraj, believed to be the Lord of Death, and giants from Thai mythology, as well as traditional carving on the temple’s doors and roofs.

jui tui shrine
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Jui Tui Shrine

As one of the world’s oldest and most respected spiritual centers, Jui Tui Shrine is a famous Chinese temple that plays a vital role in the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. It is a must-see for all visitors to Phuket.

The temple’s structure underwent many changes over the years, resulting in a beautiful vibrant layout with three massive altars displaying sculptures of ancient Chinese Gods. Team Hu Huan Soy, with his two pets, is the god who takes center stage.

You can also take part in the fortune-telling experience by shaking the bamboo cup provided until a fortune stick falls out, corresponding to a number, matching the number to the nearby pieces of paper, and reading your fortune.
kiew tien keng shrine
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Kiew Tien Keng Shrine

The beautiful Kiew Tien Keng Shrine is undoubtedly a stop for many visitors who come to Saphan Hin. Because it is such a unique location near the sea, it is believed to be the sending-off location for all the deities and gods ascending to the Taoist heavens on the last night of the vegetarian festival on the last day of the festivities. It is the temple where all of the colorful processions from each individual shrine taking part in the vegetarian festival come to an end.

This festival is a must-see, so take it if you are fortunate enough to visit the shrine during this festival.

Local Customs and Etiquette

  1. Make sure to wear something acceptable at those locations.
  2. Cover your shoulders and wear clothes that are at least knee-length.
  3. Before entering the temple, you should remove your hat and shoes.
  4. Never be disrespectful to the highly regarded Buddha images and statues.
  5. You shouldn’t speak or act in a way that disparages their value.

Final Thoughts:

There is still much more to explore about Phuket and its temples. You can always create a checklist and add more as you go on. It’s always nice to visit places of worship, be it spiritual or exploring different cultures.

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