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Mysterium Cosmographicum Group Show at Stephen Romano Gallery

Six Scenes of Space
Six Space Paintings, Artist Unknown (All Photos By Gail)

Last Thursday, Stephen Romano Gallery lured me away from my familiar haunts in the Chelsea Gallery District all the way to DUMBO, Brooklyn for its new group exhibition, Mysterium Cosmographicum, featuring works from over 30 international artists on the theme of the artist’s relationship to the cosmos. Seriously, how could you stay away from that? I’d been invited to the opening reception by one of my favorite local artists, Eric Richardson (I am proud to own two of his paintings in my collection) but I was super excited once I got to the gallery to see both Colin Christian and Kris Kuksi, two other fantastic artists whose work I always like to support, participating in the show.

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Video of the Day: After The Rapture Pet Care

Okay, this introductory ad for After The Rapture Pet Care is either the single most hilarious thing ever on the Internet (if it’s a joke), or . . . still completely hilarious if it’s true. Seriously, I’m speechless.

Jerry Falwell Goes To His Reward

Jerry Falwell

Facist Douchebag Jerry Falwell: Dead at 73

Color me so very not sorry to hear the news. As my friend Elaine says, “I hope they bury him in something lightweight and comfortable. Much to his surprise, it’s VERY hot where he’s going.” Here’s what Salon Dot Com had to say about Falwell’s passing.