Top Tips To Increase Your Fan Base

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The media space has become so saturated that artists must inevitably get involved with the promotion of their music. Currently, no musician or  band can do without branding and attracting an audience. For these purposes, free funds and many different techniques are available. You’ll have to use all these tools if you wish to bring your music to your target audience and achieve fame.

Keep in mind that everybody moves at their own speed, so don’t give up if the desired result could not be achieved quickly. In the end, remember that the best musicians of all time once started as unknown enthusiasts. In the music business, success is rarely achieved with a click, so continue to work systematically and don’t forget to devote time and effort to five areas of promotion, which you cannot do without in a music career.

1. The Correct Use of Social Networks

To become a popular musician, this point is quite obvious  – it’s now impossible to do without a presence on social networks, and it should be on all platforms in parallel – from TikTok for musicians to Spotify for artists. At the same time, the balance between engaging and debatable content and the tracks themselves is important because in this case, you will not drown people in the feed. So far, Instagram remains the most relevant network. You need to regularly post photos and videos from the studio, excerpts of tracks, artwork, photos from tours, memes – anything that might interest the public.

Everyone who wants to gain popularity in the music field today understands that it’s not possible to achieve the desired goal without video clips. A lot of powerful tools like iMovie for Windows or VideoPad Video Editor are available to create an interesting and extraordinary clip

2. Creating Your Website

If you’re thinking of how to become popular, here’s a main more point to consider. With so many other opportunities to promote music on the internet (many of which we will be looking at soon), you may feel that the idea to create a website is not worth your time. However, this main asset on the internet is perhaps the most important part of your online promotion. It will become the center of your music, giving you an official place to manage your image and messages.

When it comes to website development, there are several options available to you. If you’re not an expert in programming, the ideal scenario would be to pay a skilled web designer to create an individual website from scratch following your requirements. This should be investigated if you’re serious about promoting yourself on the Internet and building your fan base.

3. Networking

If you have established your social networks, it is time to make real connections. You need to attend the events of those producers and musicians who work in a similar style to yours. This will help you get to know the right people, send the demo to an audition, and sometimes even chat with the headliner. Direct contact with the right people is still much more effective than the Internet.

4. Collaborations with Other Artists

Joint projects with other artists are a way to look at how other musicians work, to work with new ideas, and see fresh production techniques. From the point of view of management, collaborations help to find new talents and further expand the network of contacts. In addition, the track collaboration will be promoted by each of the participating artists.

4. Create Remixes

If there’s no opportunity for collaboration, a good option is to start making free remixes. To get the original stems, you can try to contact the artist by email. You can also cut the original track into samples or search for material on free sites. Remixes help to “warm up” the fan base and to stay focused on the artist whose song you are remixing. If the remix is successful, the artist’s repost will greatly help you expand the reach of your creativity.

5. Online Marketing

Paid online ads, using a marketing platform, when combined with a successful site, blog, and media presence, can be a very impactful component of digital promotional campaigns. You don’t need to spend a lot – just $5 per day can give you adequate coverage to support your fan-growth efforts. It’s less than the cost of a new set of electric guitar strings!

6. Meeting Fans Outside of Concerts

Face-to-face meetings and conversations work much more effectively than what we call “communication” online using TikTok or other social networks. Communication in the network is, first of all, the exchange of information, and live contact is also an exchange of energy. When you’re just sitting over a  coffee or cocktail, you exchange ideas, and look into the person’s eyes.  You, may not only gain fan support, but also, perhaps, a new friend. When you sit at the computer, or connect with a fan while on stage – you are a character, but live communication will turn you into a real person.

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7. Concentrate on Your Live Show

Live performances are still one of the best ways for artists at all levels of their professional lives to earn money and acquire new followers. Take into account how many concerts you attended that got you acquainted with a new musical group, and their performance  was so exciting that you had no other option than yo become a fan.

It may be a drag if there are only a few people at the concert, or when you meet the same 10 enthusiastic fans at every show, but what will distinguish you from other artists is that you give every performance the same amount of energy whether there are 10 people there or 1000.


Now you know how to gain new fans! Millions of them are eager to hear your music. Some people use Spotify, while others prefer YouTube or Apple Music. To be successful, you must be promoting yourself at all times. Create a strategy for each platform and make use of all of its main features. Don’t forget that you also need a high-quality product for coverage, and mixing and mastering are crucial. Order these services at a low cost in our studio. Don’t just sit there, get going! occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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