Upcyling Wooden Pallets for Creative Uses in The Garden

garden path from wooden pallets
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Garden Walkway

There are times when a garden path becomes more than just a way to move through the landscape; it can also become a focal point. A wood pallet, even when dismantled, can be a great element in your garden. Making a wood pallet walkway is going to be an improvement because it will prevent you from compacting wet soil. It’s a good idea to use it in low-traffic areas of your garden; this means no garden carts or heavy wheelbarrows here.

photo of a wooden pallet
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Most pallet boards are thin and come already weathered. Doing a little preparation is going to help in making it last for more than a couple of seasons. You don’t have to lay the wood pallets directly on the soil; excavate the area a few inches underneath and then backfill using gravel. This step will help with the draining of water from the path, which prevents rot on the pallet. It is also going to help in inhibiting weed growth on and around your path.

garden bench from wooden pallets
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Garden Bench

After spending your day fighting insect pests and pulling weeds in the garden, what you want the most is resting on a garden bench. Looking at a wood pallet, you may not see its potential to become a beautiful piece of furniture in your garden, but a little work is going to help a lot. You don’t have to do a lot; a few throw pillows and inexpensive paint can turn scrap wood into something that looks amazing in your garden. It can even become Instagram-worthy!

Making furniture using wood pallets is going to require some work, but the final results are going to be determined by your carpentry skills. Check out YouTube tutorials or woodworking plans to eliminate guesswork. Once you master the basics, you can even decide to become more adventurous and make a garden rocker or recliner.

garden swing from wood pallets
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Garden Swing

Many people know about garden swings, it is nothing new. However, garden swing bed is something many don’t know about — and how amazing it is for true relaxation. Purchasing a fabricated garden swing bed will set you back a few hundred dollars,  but you can make one yourself at a significant savings. You can get 2 x 4 lumber for reinforcing two wood pallets and then top it off with a mattress. Make sure you cover the mattress using a zippered mattress cover or just buy a suitable sized hammock. You can also use outdoor patio fabric and a sewing machine to make your own cushion. You will also need to purchase rope that has a high working-load limit because it is going to hang on a suitable tree branch. When occupied, the garden swing will weigh several hundred pounds.

raised garden bed made from wooden pallets
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Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are popular options for vegetable or flower gardening in a small space, and this is going to be the case for many years to come. This is a good approach because soil in raised beds usually warms up quickly. It is also good because it protects vulnerable plants from from ground-dwelling plants. When making a raised bed, you add loose and friable soil on top and this will promote healthy root systems on all types of ornamentals and edibles.

Use landscape fabric to line your raised bed because it is going to prevent the soil from migrating when you water the plants. The best height for a raised bed is 6-12 inches, but it can be higher provided you reinforce the walls, which is important to prevent outward bowing.

compost bins from wooden pallets
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Compost Bin

Is a compost bin in the garden important? You may thing, ‘Who needs it?’ but is a good thing for someone looking for soil-boosting humus that is commonly referred to as the garden’s black gold. There are many options to choose from if you want to construct a compost bin using a wood pallet. It can be one of the four or three sidewalls of a bin, wired together or attached with brackets. If you are getting your pallets undone, dismantle the boards and then attach them to a frame that you can make from 2 x 4 lumber.

Those who have a small plot can do with just one bin, but a larger space can benefit from an open-sided three-bin system that is made from wood pallets. The first bin is going to hold kitchen scraps and fresh garden waste, the second is to move and turn the decomposing materials, and the third one is for holding compost that is ready for use. This system isn’t pretty to look at, but you can make it pretty by adding a few flowering vines around it. These plants are going to flourish because they will get nutrients from the bins.

vertical garden from wood pallets
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Wall Planter

Vertical gardens are popular for those who want to grow herbs, flowers, or vegetables but who don’t have the space. You can make a living wall using a pallet that is filled with plants and soil. You can also use the pallet as an anchor where you attach pot-holding clips. The planters are going to be heavy when you load them with wet soil, so make sure you have mounted them using cleats, metal brackets, and large wood screws; or you can rest the bottom of the wood pallet on the ground.

Have fun and good luck!

throw pillows on the ground
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