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How to Design and Create a Modern Garden

assorted plants with trees photography Photo by Creative Vix on Pexels.com

Are you looking to create a space where you can spend time during warm summer evenings? A modern garden might be an ideal addition to your backyard, since it adds form, function, comfort, and beauty to your property.

Whether you want to infuse a modern look and feel or give your existing garden the much-needed TLC, you are in the right place. There are plenty of ways you can create your garden or bring it up-to-date by incorporating the latest trends in the world of gardening, landscaping, and home design. Continue reading How to Design and Create a Modern Garden

Upcyling Wooden Pallets for Creative Uses in The Garden

garden path from wooden pallets
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Garden Walkway

There are times when a garden path becomes more than just a way to move through the landscape; it can also become a focal point. A wood pallet, even when dismantled, can be a great element in your garden. Making a wood pallet walkway is going to be an improvement because it will prevent you from compacting wet soil. It’s a good idea to use it in low-traffic areas of your garden; this means no garden carts or heavy wheelbarrows here. Continue reading Upcyling Wooden Pallets for Creative Uses in The Garden

10 Steps For Choosing The Best Plants For Your Garden

wildflower garden photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Having a lush, green garden to elevate your outdoor space sounds like a dream come true.  But making that dream a reality involves a lot more careful thinking than just recreating your favorite Pinterest board. Yes, you can probably recreate the decor, paving, furniture, etc., but plants are delicate, and require careful planning. Your garden plants are affected by so many natural factors, from the climate, seasons, sunlight, soil, and more.  Before planning your own green oasis, let’s find out how to choose plants for your garden.

Continue reading 10 Steps For Choosing The Best Plants For Your Garden

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pig Watering Can

Pink Pig Watering Can
All Photos By Jamie Moroni

You are probably not surprised to hear me admit that my friends are always sending me photos of pink things, from every walk of life imaginable, to include in a Pink Thing of The Day post. This kind gesture is always inspiring, and it is very much appreciated that they think of me when they see a Pink Thing. But very often, that same thing has already been on the blog. And in other cases, I politely decline to write a post bout that pink thing, because I like to feature Pink Things which I actually see and photograph while I am out having an ass-kicking life. I feel that this keeps the blog more ‘authentic.’

Pink Pig Watering Can

But then Jamie mentioned to me that she owned Pink Pig Watering Can, so I just had to see it. I am sure you will agree that it is very deserving of  the title of Pink Thing of The Day!

Pink Pig Watering Can


Celebrating 4/20!

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However you choose to celebrate, please enjoy your day!