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Upcyling Wooden Pallets for Creative Uses in The Garden

garden path from wooden pallets
Image Source

Garden Walkway

There are times when a garden path becomes more than just a way to move through the landscape; it can also become a focal point. A wood pallet, even when dismantled, can be a great element in your garden. Making a wood pallet walkway is going to be an improvement because it will prevent you from compacting wet soil. It’s a good idea to use it in low-traffic areas of your garden; this means no garden carts or heavy wheelbarrows here. Continue reading Upcyling Wooden Pallets for Creative Uses in The Garden

DIY Psychedelic Recycling Bin

Pyschedelic Recycling Bin
Photo By Gail

Hey, here’s a simple, cost-effective and undeniably creative way to liven-up an ordinary, bland blue recycling bin that you might have sitting out back on your patio, or in the basement or garage, or wherever. All you need are hands, a few cans of spray paint and little bit of an aesthetic feel for what colors look good together.

I saw this bin in the backyard of artist Mark Kostabi. I can’t say if Mark actually did the painting, but it pleases me to imagine that he did.