Eye On Design: Pink and Blue Embroidered Strapless Evening Gown By Christian Dior

long pink evening gown by christian dior photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

I took so many wonderful photos at the Brooklyn Museum’s  2021 fashion exhibit, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, that it seems a shame not to share them with you.  While the show is ancient history at this point, I  am digging through my archives to bring you this breathtaking gown from Dior’s Haute Couture Autumn /Winter, 2012 Collection.

long pink evening gown by christian dior photo by gail worley

This long, strapless Pink Evening Gown by Raf Simons for Christian Dior is a stunning masterpiece of high fashion. The dress is made from a combination of delicate organza and ethereal tulle, giving it a light and airy appearance.

The front of the gown features a futurist embroidered design that adds a unique and modern touch to the classic silhouette. The embroidery is made up of an intricate grid-like pattern of metallic thread, creating a stunning contrast against the soft pink fabric.

long pink evening gown with blue backside by christian dior photo

The back of the dress is equally breathtaking, with a beautiful floral embroidered design that showcases the skillful artistry of the Dior atelier. The floral design is made up of delicate blooms and leaves, rendered in shades of deep blue that offer a bold transition from the pink on the front of the dress.

The gown has a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt that cascades down to the floor, creating a dramatic and elegant silhouette. The skirt is made up of multiple layers of tulle and organza, giving it a floaty appearance as it moves with the wearer.

dior gowns installation view photo by gail worley
Dior Gowns, Installation View

From the stunning embroidered details to the expert construction and choice of fabrics, this Pink and Blue Evening Gown embodies the luxury and sophistication that has become synonymous with the Dior brand.

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