Product Review: Solid Eight Herbal Sleep Aid

solid eight sleep aid two bottles
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Do you enjoy sleeping? I sure do. The thing is, I don’t sleep as well as I did when I was younger, and that’s a shame. I am actively interested in natural sleep aids, and have tried a few that work well for me, but I’m always down for checking out something new. So, when the folks at Herbalogic offered to send a sample of their product,  Solid Eight (as in a ‘solid eight’ hours of sleep), described as a fast-acting and 100% natural herbal sleep aid, I said, let’s do this thing.

solid eight sleep aid ingredients

As you can see, Solid Eight’s multi-herb mix contains no Valerian Root, an ingredient included in many herbal sleep aids, which I found interesting. It’s also free of artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, fillers, wheat, soy or gluten. Solid Eight combines herbs long-used in Chinese herbal traditions for occasional sleeplessness. Herbalogic’s version of the classic formula adds patrinia, which when combined with five other traditional sleep herbs, supports restful sleep without next-day grogginess. It also claims to quiet racing thoughts and calm restless fidgeting, to promote deep sleep. After one week of use, here are my findings.

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Instructions say to take one capsule for a body weight up to 120 pounds and two capsules for those weighing over 120 pounds. I am right in that range being 125 pounds, so I’ve been taking one capsule only, although I think taking two would probably be safe. The instructions say to take the supplement 15 minutes before going to bed. I think you could stretch it out to a half an hour before going to bed but if you feel sleep calling you, be sure you’re ready to get into the bed (face washed, and teeth, brushed, etc.) when you feel drowsy.

One week in, I feel that Solid Eight herbal sleep aid is more consistently reliable than CBD sleep gels or tincture I’ve used previously, although I still like using those. If all asleep quickly and I find that I am having longer uninterrupted periods of sleep. Without any sleep aids, I often experience nights of fractured sleep, where I can wake up as many as seven or eight times per night. With this supplement, I am waking up briefly only two to three times, which I believe can even be considered normal.

When taking this supplement on a weekend, when I rarely set my alarm, I woke up around 8 AM, which is about two hours later than I would normally wake up with or without an alarm on a weekday. I felt refreshed and happy, and have not have any kind of ‘sleep hangover.’ I also appreciate that I did not oversleep and wake up feeling that I had wasted much of a potentially productive morning (sadly, I have become a bit of a morning person).

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Overall, I recommend this product for those needing assistance  falling asleep and having a comfortable and pleasant sleep experience. Solid Eight also supports a return to normal sleep patterns for jet-lagged travelers, so I will be taking it along on my late summer trip to London!

As an aside — I am not sure if this is the supplement at work — I noticed an increase in my pleasant, very active and colorful dreams. I love dreaming and it’s also fun when you dream as if you are having a real experience or watching a movie, but then you wake up and realize it was just a dream. I think these dreams are an indication that creativity is being triggered, which always good thing. Find out more about Herbalogic products, and buy Solid Eight online at This Link!

solid eight sleep aid two bottles

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