Pink Thing of The Day: The Enternal Pink

the eternal pink display at sothebys photo by gail worley
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Discovered in the Damtshaa of mine in Botswana in 2020 and carefully cut over the course of six months by the master diamantaires of Diacore, the 10.57-carat Eternal Pink is the most vibrant pink diamond ever to be offered at auction.

eternal pink on a hand photo by gail worley

Its Fancy Vivid Purpleish Pink color is amplified by its chemical purity – as a Type IIa diamond, there is no nitrogen to mute its spectacular hue.

eternal pink on display photo by gail worley

Further distinguished by its Internally Flawless clarity, the Eternal Pink was set to join the record-breaking ranks of other spectacular diamonds crafted by Diacore, including the Williamson Pink Star, the DeBeers Blue, and the CTF Pink Star (which was sold by Sotheby’s in 2017 for $71.2 million).

The Eternal Pink diamond had already received advanced bids prior to it being called, and so bidding began for the diamond at $26 million. 5 bids were received during the live auction before the hammer went down and the Eternal Pink sold for a whopping $30 million. With buyer’s premium, the rare vivid pink diamond will actually cost the buyer $34,804,500.

eternal pink on a hand 2 photo by gail worley

Photographed in Sotheby’s Auction House in NYC.

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