Ten Summer Blooms From English Gardens

orange ruffled begonia photo by gail worley
Orange Ruffled Begonia (All Photos By Gail)

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I was recently in London enjoying a fabulous ten day vacation. Each day brought a new adventure of museums, galleries, cultural sites, scenic walks, shopping, eating and, of course, people watching. And just about everywhere we went, there were beautiful gardens giving me a reason to pull out my iPhone and immortalize its unique beauty. As summer comes out an end, please enjoy this selection of ten (plus one bonus) favorite random blossoms spotted in various areas of beautiful London!

phymosia umbellata blood of pan photo by gail worley
Blood of Pan (Phymosia Umbellata )

On my first Sunday in London, my friend and host Liz took me to Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, which is a short walk from her home in Chiswick. Comparable to, say, the Huntington Library in Los Angeles, or the New York Botanical Gardens here in the Bronx, Kew offer a vast and varied landscape that includes various Victorian-era conservatories, art galleries and gardens from a number of global regions. A few of these flowers, like the deep-crimson Blood of Pan, were spotted there.

passion flower photo by gail worley

Passion Flower.

evening primrose aka night willowherb photo by gail worley

Evening Primrose aka Night Willowherb.

exotica pink brugmansia photo by gail worley

Exotica Pink Brugmansia.

blue glow globe thistle photo by gail worley

This vibrant Blue Glow Globe Thistle was spotted at the side of the road in an area called Strand on the Green, while walking to the train from Liz’s home.

magic sunrise dahlia photo by gail worley

Magic Sunrise Dahlia photographed in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens  on a cloudy afternoon.

scarlet canna lily photo by gail worley

Scarlet Canna Lily spotted in Chiswick Business Park, Turnham Green.

rose of sharon hibiscus photo by gail worley

Rose of Sharon Hibiscus in the garden of one of Liz’s neighbors.

yellow and red begonia photo by gail worley

Yellow and Red Begonia, Notting Hill, London.

spotted pink rose photo by gail worley

Spotted Pink Rose, Southfield, London.

Watch for more photos from my rad London vacation over the coming months!

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