Tips For Using Customized Backpacks to Promote a Business

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Customized backpacks are commonly-used, branded items for the purpose of promoting a business.  As users carry them around, they work as mobile company logos and name displays . The backpacks are designed for office users, freelancers, service providers, backpackers, and many other users.

Designing the best customized backpacks isn’t as easy as it sounds, and one can easily face many challenges. However, there’s nothing to worry about as this article will take you through the most common challenges people face when designing these bags, and how to solve them.


The greatest challenge facing many entrepreneurs when making customized backpacks, according to experts in the field such as the RocketBags, is the design challenge. Backpacks come in several designs to suit the needs of the users. So, will you choose a large or small backpack? Will it have a laptop compartment or not? What overall design will it have?

It’s important to understand your targeted users before anything else.  That way, you can easily design a functional and aesthetic customized backpack. You can use a catalogue provided by the seller to choose a design that suits your needs.


The customized backpack you design should be very functional to give users a reason to carry it around. People would rather buy a functional backpack than use a free one that doesn’t suit their needs.

Consider your target audience and give them what they desire. Will they use the bag to carry a laptop and files? If yes, then provide a bag that fits a 16 inches laptop instead of just 14 inches.

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Printing Challenges

Another big mistake you can make with your customized backpacks for business promotion is poor printing. Small, faded, and illegible fonts can render the backpack useless as people will not see your logo, name, and other business details.

Make sure that any printing is done in the right color and font for the best visibility, and that it will last for a long time without fading. In fact, you can opt for innovative printing technologies that may be slightly more costly but with long-lasting results.


A business should have a budget for every marketing strategy it puts in place. Sadly, it is sometimes not easy to set the right budget for customized backpacks. These bags cost more to design, buy, and print, so one must be very careful.

The best way to meet this challenge is to research and compare prices from different vendors. Remember that the quality must remain high to ensure that a customized backpack is durable and useful to the users .

To Give Away or Sell?

Another big challenge that faces businesses when using customized backpacks is whether to give them away to users for free or sell them. As mentioned, each customized backpack costs more than other branded bags, so it is crucial to have a great distribution strategy.

You can give some bags to your loyal customers and employees to start the campaign but sell others at a lower price to encourage buyers to consider them. Most importantly, the strategy you decide one should be effective.


There could be many other challenges but these are the main ones you are likely to face when using customized backpacks for your brand promotion. Luckily, following these tips will help you be prepared. Take notes and apply the proper solutions.

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