Product Review: Snacking Bliss with Humble Organic Potato Chips

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Hey there, snack enthusiasts! Another exciting school year is underway and that means packing lunchboxes and having after school snacks on hand. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered with this week’s review of Humble Organic Potato Chips to make the return to the classroom an organic, eco-friendly, and mouthwateringly tasty adventure!

With Humble Chips, you’re not just snacking; you’re embracing a delicious, organic treat that’s perfect for today’s lifestyle. Humble Chips‘ array of irresistible flavors promises a snacking experience that’ll leave your kids counting down the minutes until the lunch bell rings. Check out these tantalizing varieties:

bag of humble chips original flavor photo by gail worley

The Original: A subtle dusting of sea salt, gentle enough to let the natural organic potato flavor nudge through. It’s like Mother Earth’s way of saying, “You deserve a snack as pure as your intentions.”

bag of humble chips seal salt vinegar flavor photo by gail worley

Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar: Sweet apple cider vinegar tones gently complemented with a dusting of sea salt. A perfect harmony of tangy and savory that’s like an orchestra of flavors in your mouth.

bag of humble chips smokey bbq flavor photo by gail worley

Smokey BBQ: A rich, smokey BBQ experience created using the perfect blend of spices and natural smoke flavors. It’s like having a backyard barbecue in every bite, minus the grill cleanup!

bag of humble chips creamy dill flavor photo by gail worley

Creamy Dill: A lemony dill silkiness married with a light, crispy crunch. So creamy and dill-icious, it may remind you fondly of the Sour Cream and Onion dip flavor offered by some other brands.

close up humble chips creamy dill bowl of chips photo by gail worley
As You Can See, They Don’t Skimp on the Seasoning

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s football season, and you need to up your snack game. Humble Chips are your MVP, staying crispy even during the most intense touchdowns, and full of flavor that’ll have your taste buds cheering. Whether you’re tailgating or watching from the comfort of your living room, these chips will elevate your game day snacking experience.

Beyond great tasting snacks, Humble Chips takes an Eco-Friendly approach to their products with BPI certified compostable packaging.  In a world where environmental consciousness is a top priority, these chips have your back. BPI certified compostable packaging means you can snack with a clear conscience, knowing you’re making a responsible choice for the planet. When you’re done enjoying your chips, toss the bag in the compost bin and watch it transform into fertile soil. It’s like magic for the Earth!

So there you have it. Humble Potato Chips are the ultimate back-to-school snack that checks all the boxes: organic goodness, eco-friendliness, and a delectable range of flavors that will make your taste buds sing. Plus, they’re perfect for all your game day festivities. Grab a bag (or two, or three) and get ready for a snacking adventure like no other! Find out more about Humble Organic Potato Chips at This Link!

humble chips creamy dill with bowl of chips 2 photo by gail worley

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