4 Tips for Cleaning a Bean Bag Chair

yellow bean bag chair
Photo by zaid mohammed on Pexels.com

Keeping your bean bag chair clean doesn’t have to be difficult. On many styles, the outer cover can simply be removed and be washed with your regular laundry; but there are other ways you can keep them clean too. Here are four useful tips for washing a bean bag chair.

Consider on the Fabric

How you’ll clean your bean bag chair, and how often it will need cleaning, will very much depend on the fabric it’s made of. When it comes to choosing a bean bag chair, fabric is an important consideration before you even make the purchase. If you have pets or kids and there’s a chance that there are going to be spills and stains, look at something more stain resistant like vinyl or leather, and avoid the cotton or plush options. The best bean bag chair makers will offer these better options for material choice, so you can choose one that makes the most sense for your space.

 Send In The Vacuum

The first step and most common step in keeping a bean bag chair is likely going to be a quick and simple vacuum. This is particularly helpful if your bean bag chair isn’t made of leather or vinyl. Fabric-based bean bag chairs can be kept clean and free of dust quite effectively with a quick vacuuming, and it’s a great way to remove pet hair if your furry friends decide to have their snooze in the bean bag chair when you’re not looking.

In The Washing Machine

If your bean bag chair has a removable cover, it might be an option to pop it into the washing machine with the laundry. How easy this is to do will depend on the design of the chair, but usually, it’s a case of removing the outer cover. If there isn’t an inner cover to keep the filling nicely together, this might be less appealing, but it’s not difficult to empty it neatly into a cardboard box while you wash the outer cover. Avoid using the washing machine for vinyl and leather, though!

What About Vinyl and Leather?

You’ll want to largely avoid using water too often on these bean bags, and instead, opt to simply keep them clean using a feather duster. It’s also a good idea to wipe them down about every three to six months, depending on how often the bean bag chair is used. Vinyl can simply be wiped down with a warm soapy water mixture and a bath sponge.

For both vinyl and leather, be conservative with the water and avoid making either material wet. If it feels a bit damp after cleaning, make sure you let it dry thoroughly but try not to leave it in sunlight for too long, or it may fade or crack over time.

It’s that easy to keep your bean bag chair clean and comfortable. You don’t need any special detergents or ways of cleaning it and following a guide on how to clean a sofa will work just as well for your bean bag chair.

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