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Happy Birthday, Herb Alpert!

Herb Alpert, co-founder of A&M Records and trumpet player extraordinaire, was born on this day, March 31st in 1935. Let us celebrate Herb’s Birthday by enjoying this 1966 video of Herb and the Tijuana Brass performing “A Taste Of Honey” on the beach! It starts rocking at the 19 second point, so hang in there. Happy Birthday, Herb!

Gail and Herb Alpert
Me and Herb from 2013

Happy Birthday, Tommy Stinson!

Tommy Stinson Portrait

 Tommy Stinson, bassist for The Replacements (Fave Song: “Alex Chilton”) and Axel Roses’s ‘Las Vegas Showgirl’ version of Guns N’ Roses turns 43 today, having been born on October 8th, 1966! Happy Birthday, Tommy!

John Lennon to USA: “I Am Really Sorry”

John and Jesus
“Sorry, Jesus.”

On This Date, August 11th In 1966: John Lennon apologized at a press conference in Chicago for his comment that “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus.” I love Jesus and everything, but if I could find a reasonably priced, high quality T-shirt that says “The Beatles: More Popular Than Jesus” on it, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Happy Anniversary, Pet Sounds !

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice…”

On This Day, May 16th in 1966: The Beach Boys released the controversial album Pet Sounds, which is considered by many to be one of the best and most influential albums in popular music history. I confess that I haven’t listened to this album in a couple of years, but I am going to put it on right now, because it really is just amazing.

On This Day in Pop Culture History: The Beatles Cause a Commotion

“More Popular Than Rod”
More Popular than Rod

On This Date, March 4th in 1966: Despite ample album sales to support his argument, John Lennon’s assertion that The Beatles “are more popular than Jesus” sparks widespread outrage. Lennon later apologized.