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1966 Batcycle

1966 Batcycle
All Photos By Gail

Built from a 1966 Yamaha Catalina (YDS-3) 250, the Batcycle features a side car with a portable go-cart resting on it for Batman’s sidekick, Robin. The entire Batcycle and side car are handsomely customized in black and white colors with a Batshield molded into the fairing (the shell placed over the frame) and fender guard. Not only is the Batcycle a hugely modified Yamaha Catalina 250, but Robin’s cart, which is an integral part of the Batcycle rig, is powered by a 55cc, electric start, Yamaha three speed engine. The bike was designed by Tom Daniel and built in 5 days in April 1966 by Richard “Korky” Korkes and Daniel Dempski, doing business as Kustomotive. Yamaha gave them three black motorcycles, so they could build one “hero” bike and two copies. The basic design of the fairing came from a Yamaha.

1966 Batcycle

Photographed at the Amazing Automobiles Exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Hamburger Harley


This ‘Meat-er-cycle‘ looks like one tasty ride! P.S. Try not to cry when you see the wheel covers!