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Gibson.com Profiles Alice Cooper Guitarists

Gibson Guitars has just posted a decent article entitled Elected! A Brief History of Alice Cooper’s Amazing Guitarists that I mention only because the first two guys profiled are original band guitarists Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce. Check it out if you like at This Link. They’ve also posted a terrific video of the band doing “Public Animal #9” from their appearance on Germany’s Beat Club, that actually features “screen time” for other members of the band besides Alice, thank Christ.

Gail In Print: Modern Drummer, March 2008

Van Halen!

The current issue of Modern Drummer magazine, with the legendary Alex Van Halen on the cover, features my interview with John Humphrey of the South African metal juggernauts, Seether. John talked about his recovery from back surgery, playing drums and stuff like that. It was rad. The article also features a sidebar with Seether vocalist, Shaun Morgan. In a word: Brooding! Read the full issue online at This Link!

Memorial Day: Those Who Died in Vain

Memorial Day
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Here’s an interesting and poignant article by author Gary Kamiya on the true meaning of Memorial Day from Salon Dot Com.