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Top Ten Reasons Why The Hangover Part III Is Not as Horrible as You Might Expect

Hangover 3 Movie Poster

10. Knowing there won’t be a Hangover 4.

9. That Big House in Mexico with the Infinity Pool: I want to live there.

8. Danzig’s “Mother 93” on the soundtrack. Appropriate.

7. “Cut the Grey Wire.”

6. Two Words: Pig Masks.

5. Giraffe Scene, Pre-decapitation.

4. Coke-fueled orgy in a hotel suite sound tracked by Black Sabbath: Yes.

3. “Because of the Ink…that went inside you.”

2. Melissa McCarthy as Cassie the Pawn Shop employee. Priceless.

1. Bradley Cooper: Gorgeous for Days.

Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train Arrives on the Big Screen

Midnight Train to Meat Town
Very Scary

While Googling for information on the upcoming Dario Argento film, Giallo (starring Adrian Brody, hot) I happily stumbled on the news that Clive Barker’s totally fucked up short story (that made me afraid to ride the subway at night for about a year after I read it) Midnight Meat Train, has been made into a film. Although I don’t think there is any possible way that the movie could be truly faithful to the story – because people’s heads would explode – hearing that Japanese horror master Ryuhei Kitamura is directing gives me some hope that this film might actually be authentically disturbing and not just another schlock torture porn flick with no substance.

If you’ve read the story (from Barker’s Books of Blood collection – I own a signed copy!) then you know, apart from Barker’s factual inaccuracies in describing the New York City subway system, that the climax is very similar to that of the major headfuck of a film Old Boy. The more I think about that, the more I fear this is going to be spun off as some kind of gorefest detective film (think Seven meets CHUD). And that would be disappointing, but kind of expected, because look what they did to Hellraiser.

Midnight Meat Train (watch for the title to be shortened to Midnight Train) will star Bradley Cooper and has a release date of August 1, 2008. I’m not expecting a wide release.