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Video Clip Of The Week: Chris Cornell, “When Bad Does Good”

I never felt the urge to embrace “Grunge” as a fashion trend or social movement, but there is no arguing the fact that a number of the bands associated with that era remain favorites of mine to this day. The music of Soundgarden, in particular, was life-changing for me, and was a huge influence on my early writing career. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had a ridiculous crush on vocalist Chris Cornell — but who didn’t? He was truly beautiful — the definition of a Rock God, if you ask me – and his sudden passing in May of 2017 was devastating on many levels. This week, we will pay homage to Chris with the new Video Clip for “When Bad Does Good,” which provides the soothing comfort for a heartache that you may not even realize you had.

“When Bad Does Good” is a previously-unreleased song that appears on the new box set, Chris Cornell: An Artists Legacy, which was also released this past Friday. Shot this fall, the video features Chris and Vicky Cornell’s son, Christopher playing a young Chris Cornell as a paper boy in Seattle, representing who Chris was and where he came from, and paying tribute to his hometown of Seattle. Song lyrics from Cornell’s illustrious career are hidden throughout the video, showcasing the breadth of his songwriting as a poet and lyricist. The video for “When Bad Does Good” features mementos and places that played a part in Chris’ life and was directed by Kevin Kerslake, who also directed Soundgarden’s videos for “Loud Love” and “Hands All Over.” “When Bad Does Good” was produced, recorded, and mixed by Cornell and was found in his personal recordings archive. We still miss you, Chris. Thank you for the music. Enjoy.

Chris Cornell Box Set Artwork
Chris Cornell Box Set Artwork (Image Source)

Chris Cornell Memorial Video Clip of The Week: Soundgarden, “Outshined”

I got up feeling so down
I got off being sold out
I’ve kept the movie rolling
But the story’s getting old now, oh yeah
I just looked in the mirror
And things aren’t looking so good
I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota, oh yeah

So now you know, who gets mystified
So now you know, who gets mystified

Show me the power child
I’d like to say
That I’m down on my knees today
Yeah, it gives me butterflies, gives me away
Till I’m up on my feet again
Yeah I’m feeling
Oh, I’m feeling outshined, outshined, outshined, outshined

Oh yeah
Someone let the dogs out
They’ll show where the truth is
The grass is always greener
Where the dogs are shitting, oh yeah
I’m feeling that I’m sober
Even though I’m drinking
I can’t get any lower
Still I feel I’m sinking

So now you know, who gets mystified
So now you know, who gets mystified

Show me the power child
I’d like to say
That I’m down on my knees today
Yeah, it gives me butterflies gives me away
Till I’m up on my feet again
Oh I’m feeling
Oh, I’m feeling outshined, outshined, outshined, outshined

Oh yeah, hmm

Outshined, oh oh

Oh, so now you know, who gets mystified
Show me the power child
I’d like to say
That I’m down on my knees today
Yeah, it gives me butterflies gives me away
Till I’m up on my feet again
Oh I’m feeling
Oh, I’m feeling

Show me the power child
I’d like to say
That I’m down on my knees today
Yeah, it gives me butterflies gives me away
Till I’m up on my feet again
Oh, I’m feeling
Oh, I’m feeling
Outshined, outshined, outshined, outshined

Chris Cornell
Image Source
Chris Cornell: July 20, 1964 – May 17, 2017. Rest In Peace.

Video Clip of The Week: Inglorious, “Unaware”

Here at The ‘Gig, we like to show our flexible sense of aesthetics by changing up the Sunday Morning Video Clip between soft songs that sooth, and (because getting out of bed is hard) slightly more strident tunes  to gently kick your ass into gear.  Today we are going with the latter category. If you count yourself among the many hard rock fans who cry out for heavy music that hasn’t forgotten its melodic sensibilities, then you’ll want to know more about UK Rockers Inglorious, who bring us this week’s clip, “Unaware.” All I can say is that I am glad to be no longer ‘unaware’ of this great band!

Managing to sound both contemporary and classic simultaneously, Inglorious remind me so much of Soundgarden (which has a lot to do with vocalist Nathan James’ Chris Cornell-quality set of pipes) only with more consistently appealing songwriting. And you know that can’t be bad. “Unaware” is a bold, modern metal anthem that is equal parts exultant and menacing; the kind of song that embiggens (look it up) you to play it way too loud, just so your upstairs neighbors can hear what a badass you are. I bet they are fucking insane live.

Visually, the clip is showy without being ostentatious, featuring both live performance clips of the band, on stage against screen projections of nocturnal urban landscapes, and James prowling a well-lit concrete corridor and (as Hendrix so succinctly put it) “Comin’ Ta Git Ya!” Come and get me, baby.

Inglorious also includes rhythm guitarist Wil Taylor, lead guitarist Andreas Eriksson, bassist Colin Parkinson and drummer Phil Beaver, and “Unaware” can be found on the band’s self-titled debut album, which was just released on February 19th via Frontiers Music SRL. RIYL: Soundgarden, Dio, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam’s First Album. Enjoy!

Inglorious Album Art

Happy Birthday, Chris Cornell!

“Hi, I’m Chris Cornell, and This is My Sweet Ride.”

Singer and Rock God, Chris Cornell, turns was born on this day, July 20th, in 1964. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Unexpected Hotness: Munky from Korn

Munky: I Would Do It

No one who really knows me would ever accidentally accuse me of being a fan of the band Korn. Being a happy and well-adjusted person who does not really enjoy listening to a lot of screaming (exception: anything by Ministry), their music is not really my bag. But my friend Ray Luzier has been Korn’s drummer for about three years, and it’s been at least that long since I’ve seen Ray, since he lives in LA and I live here in NYC. So when Korn’s new record label, the great Roadrunner Records, invited me to attend a listening party for the band’s upcoming CD: Korn III: Remember Who You Are (in stores July 13, 2010), and I heard that not only would Ray be there but that also the catering would be provided by Dos Caminos (such delicious food they have) I decided I could not miss this opportunity to make the scene.

It turned out to be a good call. Ray and I had a nice reunion with ample quality time to catch up before the music started, and the guacamole from Dos Caminos was just as amazing as I remembered it to be, even if there were a few too many jalapenos thrown into the mix. Also, Korn’s new record, well it’s pretty good. I mean, it’s Korn, so there are not really any surprises: it sounds like Korn, all loud and angry and growly and like bombs exploding in your face. Metal! But I also kind of dug it. You can hear real guitars in there and Ray’s drumming is amazing and very different from his days in the David Lee Roth band, that is for sure. How they get his kick drums to sound like cannons going off I just don’t know. But I guess the biggest surprise of the evening, for me, was getting an eyeful of Korn’s guitarist, who is named James Shaffer but who everyone calls Munky. Nicknames! Let me tell you, dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, the dude is fucking hot. We’re talking Chris Cornell-pre-haircut caliber hotness. I wouldn’t want to have to smell his hair, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to actually say Hello to Munky, but it’s probably for the best since the only thing I could think of to say to him was “You are so good looking.” And nobody wants to hear that.

Happy 45th Birthday, Chris Cornell!

Chris Cornell 1999

“Yes, I Am A Sex ”

Former Soundgarden (& Audioslave) vocalist Chris Cornell turns the big 45 today, having been born on July 20th in 1964!  Soundgarden was my favorite band for a really long time, back in the day, though they were never very good live, for some odd reason. But I interviewed their drummer Matt Cameron a couple of times for different publications, and he was really funny and cool. Also, my “big” sister Keven turns 56 today. Happy Birthday to Chris and Keven!

Gail In Print: Modern Drummer, November 2007

November Issue of MD

Ask Me to tell You My Story About This Guy

I’ve got an update with Chris Cornell’s drummer Jason Sutterin the new issue of Modern Drummer, on Newsstands October first.

An Interview with Chris Cornell’s Jason Sutter

metal edge logo

As former Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell prepared to release his second solo CD, Carry On, he started auditioning LA-area musicians for a new band. Cornell wanted to go out on the road with a different group of musicians than those who had played on the record, since the breadth of material he’d be touring with – catalog from both the singer’s two previous bands as well as his solo material – required a grasp of the heaviness of Soundgarden, the brutality and looseness of Audioslave, and the delicate nuances that define his solo balladry.

By the time drummer Jason Sutter was asked to sit in on a round of auditions when the drummer Cornell had already chosen couldn’t make it, the sessions included some of the top players in Los Angeles. “I wasn’t even there to get the gig,” says Jason. “But it was a great vibe with all of the guys and I thought it would be amazing to get into this band.” As it turned out, Jason’s versatility and intuitive feel for the kind of grooves Cornell was looking for led to him getting his wish. “Chris had a drummer already lined up but he really wanted me in this band, so I had to take the gig,” he confesses. “This is one of the best bands I’ve ever been in and I respect everyone because they’ve all worked with the best.” Cornell’s band also includes guitarists Yogi Lonich (ex-Wallflowers, Buckcherry) and Peter Thorn plus bassist Corey McCormick.

“I’m following in the footsteps of Matt Cameron and Brad Wilk, who are incredible drummers.” Jason continues. “I have a lot of respect for this music, so I’m listening to what they did, but at the same time I don’t go into it trying to emulate them or play their parts exactly the same way. I never stick too close to anything unless it’s an integral fill. I’m just trying to be who I am.”

Metal Edge: What were rehearsals like for this tour?

Jason Sutter: We had to learn a lot of songs in a very short time. We joke that Chris had us in “Band Camp,” which was like our trial by fire. For a week and a half we’d go in every day, learn four or five songs and rehearse for six or seven hours. At the end of that rehearsal session he’d give us three or four more songs. I’d go back to my rehearsal space, take an hour break and then start rehearsing all night on the new songs, having barely learned the songs from the night before. Then I’d come back in the morning to review them, play them all day with Chris, barely feeling like I had them down, and then he’d repeat the process. It was excruciating, and not just for me but for these other killer players. My hands were shredded; my brain was just fried at night. My mind was racing with all these parts. It was extremely trying, mentally.

Metal Edge: Chris is also a drummer: how does that affect what he wants from his own drummers?

Jason Sutter: With this gig there are certain areas where Chris gets very excited if I start creating this fire underneath, playing over a vamp or solo. The more I play and interact with the solo, the more excited he gets. I have free reign to be creative. The only comments he’s made to me on some of the Soundgarden songs are to say something like, ‘Matt [Cameron] stuck really close to the guitar part. Don’t feel like you have to do that. Make it your own.’ Matt was also a guitarist and that’s why he tended to hone in on the guitars. I’m not really that guy.

Metal Edge: Did you add to your kit for this gig?

Jason Sutter: Yes. I added a cymbal to my right and an 18-inch floor tom. I’ve never had two floor toms before and, as far as cymbals, I’ve always just had two crashes, a ride and hi-hats. But there is so much punctuation with Chris’s music and such lulling, calm parts that the minute I put up another floor tom and another crash cymbal everything was 100% easier. Everything just flowed because I could be moving from cymbal to cymbal and it was very organic. Then, having another drum was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, really. In the past, having more drums has always been a hindrance to me. Now, having slightly expanded my set I was able to suddenly free myself because it was so much easier to create and have more vocabulary. I also went from a 14-inch rack tom – which is what I’ve used for the past few years – to a 13-inch. Since there’s a lot more articulation in these drum parts I needed a little more accent from that drum.

Metal Edge: What’s been the best part of playing with this band?

Jason Sutter: This situation with Chris is one where I get to really stretch my dynamic range. I’m playing in front of an entirely different audience, plus I get to travel, and I love playing in Europe. I’m thankful to him for picking out such a killer band that I get to take the stage with every night, and this is a band that will go everywhere. These kinds of opportunities are the benchmarks in a drumming career that have excited me and pushed me. It’s been an upward spiral so far for the past four years.

Jason’s Gear:
Drums: Ludwig
Sizes: 26” Kick, 16” and 18” Floor Toms, 13” Rack Tom, 6 ½ Brass Snare
Cymbals: Paiste
Sticks: Vic Firth

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/chriscornell/
Official Website: https://www.jason-sutter.com/

Jason Sutter

This article was originally written for Metal Edge Magazine as part of a monthly column by Gail Worley (under the pen name Jayne Rollins). With the magazines’ dissolution, the article has been added to the content base of The Worley Gig for our readers’ enjoyment.

Louder Than Love: Chris Cornell at Irving Plaza!

Chris Cornell 2007
I’ve Been Deaf Now I Want Noise

It’s fairly old news at this juncture that singer-slash-rock god, Chris Cornell left Audioslave a few months back to do the solo thing again. I can’t say that I’m terribly heartbroken about the move. Rage Against the Machine was always one of my least favorite angry pinko bands on the planet, and being as Audioslave was 3/4’s of Rage, they didn’t really know what to do with the more subtle textures of Chris’s voice anyway. Good riddance.

Chris has a new CD coming out in June and I’m trying to snag an advance copy of that as I type. But he played a show last night at NYC’s Irving Plaza and thanks to my friend Jason Sutter, who is also Chris’s new drummer, I was there. Thanks, Jason. You rule.

I knew I must be seriously starved for The Rock when I was able to get all wet and crazy over the opening song of the evening, “Spoon Man” — which, for me at least, is not one of Soundgarden’s best songs. From what I heard last night, Chris’s new disc sounds like it will be worth buying, but the jury is still out over whether it will even be able to touch his last solo album, Euphoria Morning, which is just insane.

I would like to now personally thank Chris and his band for doing “Outshined,” “Rusty Cage,” “Jesus Christ Pose,” and the shocker of the night, “Loud Love.” Wow. Chris Cornell is awesome.

Jason Sutter, Drummer, (Chris Cornell, Foreigner, Smashmouth, American Hi-Fi)

Gail is a fan of music and it was obvious at our first meeting. You can tell she really cares by her insightful questions and research — and I trust her, which is difficult for an artist to do in this business. For my first Modern Drummer feature Gail got everything right, I honestly wouldn’t change a word! But above all, Gail has become a true friend who just happens to be a “kick ass” journalist as well!! We love you Gail!