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Recommended Listening: The Sheepdogs

Sheepdogs Self Titled Album Cover

Back when I used to eek out a few bucks writing about music, one particularly hard-ass editor accused me of being “not a Real Rock Critic.” This was likely due to my unwillingness to indulge in the widespread practice of pondering the sociopolitical leanings of a band in the context of a record review rather than just basing my critique on how the music sounded to me. I never really ‘got’ the former approach. I’m not interested in reading paragraphs of turgid, impenetrable prose and rock-crit wankery. Just tell me how the music sounds so I know if I want to buy the record.
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Guess When These 10 Classic Bands Released Their Debut Albums!

top ten bands

In today’s Mental Floss fun Lunchtime Quiz, you must venture a guess as to whether an assortment of 10 Classic Rock bands released their debut albums in the 1970s or 1960s. It’s not as easy as you’d expect, but most hardcore music nerds over 40 should be able to ace it!