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Raymond Pettibon’s To Wit at David Zwirner

Raymond Pettibon To Wit
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David Zwirner’s cavernous space on West 19th Street is currently hosting To Wit, an expansive exhibition of new works by Southern California-based artist, Raymond Pettibon. A wildly prolific artist and illustrator – for whom To Wit is his ninth exhibit at ZwirnerPettibon is also famous for having designed flyers, album covers and the iconic four bar logo for LA Punk Rock legends, Black Flag. (Trivia: Pettibon’s birth name is actually Raymond Ginn, and Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn is the artist’s older brother). Continue reading Raymond Pettibon’s To Wit at David Zwirner

Led Zeppole: A Whole Lotta Fried Dough

Led Zeppole

Anyone traveling across town on east 14th street at any time of the day or night will surely notice the crowd swell and line-down-the-block that stretches outside of the ridiculously popular storefront pizza joint, Artichoke Pizza. I haven’t actually eaten any pizza from Artichoke yet, because I can’t get my head around standing in line for five hours to get a slice of fucking pizza. But eventually I’m sure I’ll get around to tasting what is rumored and hyped-up-the-ass to be the best pizza on planet Earth.  The same folks who run Artichoke are now expanding their plan for world snack food domination by opening the oh-so-cleverly named Led Zeppole: a dessert counter inspired by the sinfully fattening sweets you find at Coney Island and the Feast of San Gennaro (who I believe is Catholicism’s Patron Saint of Fried Dough). The specialty treat at Led Zeppole is obviously going to be the zeppole – a deep fried dough ball doused in powdered sugar, so delish – but they will also supposedly do funnel cakes, Italian ices, fried Oreos and fried ice cream. Fuckin A, I need a bigger dress size just to type this post. As far as I know the shop is not yet open, but is in the any-second-now mode. Any man-on-the-street reports about Led Zeppole’s opening date, please send them my way care of The ‘Gig.

Led Zeppole is located at 328 E 14th Street, West of 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

In somewhat not-really-related news, On This Date, October 32st in 1974: Led Zeppelin officially launched their record label Swan Song with a party at the Chislehurst Caves in the UK, which was attended by the celebs like Bill Wyman and Groucho Marx.

Swan Song
Led Zeppelin!

Note as of August 1, 2012: Led Zeppole Has Closed for Business!!