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Former Marilyn Manson Bassist Gidget Gein Dead At 39

Brad Stewart aka Gidget Gein

Gidget Gein, best known as the former bassist for Marilyn Manson, was found dead in his Burbank, CA home on October 8th, 2008  from an apparent drug overdose. He was 39. Born Bradley Mark Stewart, Gein played with Marilyn Manson in their formative years of 1989-1993, just before the band started their string of hits. His playing is featured on 1994’s debut album Portrait of an American Family. Despite Gein’s noted talent and remarkable songwriting, he was asked to leave the band in 1993 after a drug overdose, which Manson ruefully recounted in his 1998 autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell. Gein’s death marks his final loss against a life-long battle with drugs.

Rock Star Rehab, The Board Game: "Let's Play!"

Rockstar rehab board game
Dried Vomit Not Included

Just when Steve Tyler is finally getting clean for the umpteenth time, Urban Outfitters brings us the thrilling board game adventure, Rock Star Rehab, where the most tragic players become the most famous winners! Just roll the dice and move your drunken rocker around the board, stopping at LA nightclubs, VIP parties… even jail! The goal of the game: to make your way through Rock Star Rehab! No word yet on whether the game pieces feature miniature replicas of Amy Winehouse, Vince Neil and Pete Doherty.

Gold Star

“Getting Sober is Fun!”