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Countdown to Survivor China!

 Survivor China Emblem

Outwit Outplay Outlast

It’s completely retarded how excited I get for each season’s Survivor  premiere, the latest of which is tomorrow night at 8:00 PM on CBS! Woo Hoo! The show is heading to China this time around, and as usual there are some new twists to the game — kidnapping being one of them. In addition, each castaway was given a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War  to read. It should be interesting to see how this guide to warfare will inform the game. In case you were concerned about “the curse of the Car Reward,” there will be no car giveaway this season, though the hidden immunity idol is still in play. I’m hoping that there are at least a couple of castaways who are major assholes – like Leesi and Rocky from last season –  just to keep it interesting, but please god, let there be no boring “Exile Island” drama, because that shit is so played. Be assured that every Thursday at 8:00 PM, my friend and fellow Surivor  fan, Tracy and I will be glued to the set for the all mud-slinging (literal and figurative) that they can dish out!


Survivor China Cast

Survivor China Cast!

Survivior Fiji: This is Why I Love This Show

Survivor Fiji Final 5
Survivor Fiji: The Final Five

From Television Without Pity Dot Com

So with Alex gone, Yau Man is looking around and figuring out that if Boo and Stacy are ousted, that’s going to leave an F4 situation that will almost certainly not work out well for him, owing to the bond between Cassandra and “Dreamz,” in particular. This all becomes much more significant when we get to the reward challenge, where Yau Man actually manages to win a multi-stage contest for a truck. Probably not all that excited about driving a big truck in the first place, Yau Man offers “Dreamz” the following deal: at F4, if “Dreamz” and Yau Man are still there and “Dreamz” wins immunity, “Dreamz” gives the immunity necklace to Yau Man. “Dreamz” immediately agrees, and Yau Man hands over the keys and sends “Dreamz” on a reward trip with Stacy and Boo, where they deliver a box of school supplies. While they’re there, Yau Man is on Exile Island, where he sent himself. No, seriously. He picks up another clue to the re-hidden idol, which essentially gives away its location. Back at camp, he shares this with Earl, who tracks down the idol and takes possession of it. So now Yau Man has one, and Earl has one. The immunity challenge goes to Boo, which removes the possibility of booting him. “Dreamz,” realizing that he really, really shouldn’t have taken a deal that may either require him to (1) allow himself to be booted or (2) look like a snake or (3) possibly return his truck, gets Cassandra and Stacy to agree that they’ll vote off Yau Man — a plan into which Boo is apparently also recruited…

As tribal council approaches, Stacy pretends that she knows she’s going home, while Yau Man gets an increasingly bad feeling. Earl, however, thinks they’re fine, and seems to think Yau Man doesn’t need to use his idol. Yau Man thinks differently. After Stacy makes a weird comment suggesting that there’s something tricky going down with the vote, Yau Man plays his immunity idol, saving himself from the boot and sending Stacy home.

Sunday: the Finale. Whee!