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Pink Thing of The Day: Vintage Pink Cadillac!

“I Love You For Your Pink Cadillac…”

Happy Summer everyone! This gorgeous, vintage pink caddy just looks like summertime on four wheels to me. The above photo was sent to me by my artist friend Jeanne Wilkinson who writes, “Thought you might like to see this – it’s the rear end of an old pink Cadillac near the town of Pascoag, Rhode Island. Don’t know the story behind it – it’s just sitting near the road next to someone’s driveway.” Be sure to check out Jeanne’s new blog, Jeanne Wilkinson Blogspot Dot Com to read about the interesting trips she takes and see more of her cool photos.

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Vespa

Artist Jeanne Wilkinson sent me this photo of a very cool Pink Vespa motor scooter taken by her in Amsterdam. Jeanne and her husband Frank (who is also an artist) are currently vacationing in Europe and blogging about it Here, if you’d like to see more of Jeanne’s beautiful photos and read about their adventures! Thanks Jeanne!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Combination Lock

Pictured above is the pink combination lock seen at Kingsborough Community College in the painting studio.

Thanks to Artist Jeanne Wilkinson For The Image!