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Favorite Art From The Affordable Art Fair, Spring 2019!

Patty Carroll Cooking The Goose
Patty Carroll, Cooking The Goose, $5000, Edition of 10 (All Photos By Gail: Click on Any Image to Enlarge for Detail))

This year, New Yorkers definitely needed a seasonal hard reboot, and the Spring edition of the biannual Affordable Art Fair brought much-appreciated flashes of color and whimsy into the City during its exciting four-day run in late March. Whether you’re an experienced collector, someone looking to invest in a single piece for your home, or an art lover who just enjoys the inspiration and joy of browsing, the Affordable Art Fair is a great place to expose yourself to (and purchase) art from a finely curated selection of cutting-edge, contemporary galleries from across the globe. For me, this recent fair really embraced the spirt of fun and humor in art. Let’s look at a collection of my favorite fun artworks spotted at the AAFNYC for Spring 2019! Continue reading Favorite Art From The Affordable Art Fair, Spring 2019!

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Cadillacs Gummy Candy

Pink Cadillac Gummies
Photo By Gail

These tiny Pink Cadillacs are literally a sweet ride! You can buy them online from the Gerrit J. Verburg Company at This Link!

Photographed at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

Pink Thing of The Day: Vintage Pink Cadillac!

“I Love You For Your Pink Cadillac…”

Happy Summer everyone! This gorgeous, vintage pink caddy just looks like summertime on four wheels to me. The above photo was sent to me by my artist friend Jeanne Wilkinson who writes, “Thought you might like to see this – it’s the rear end of an old pink Cadillac near the town of Pascoag, Rhode Island. Don’t know the story behind it – it’s just sitting near the road next to someone’s driveway.” Be sure to check out Jeanne’s new blog, Jeanne Wilkinson Blogspot Dot Com to read about the interesting trips she takes and see more of her cool photos.

Pink Thing of The Day: Elvis Presley’s Cadillac

Image Source

Ladies and Gentlemen, making its first appearance on The Worleygig, I bring you: Elvis Presley’s Pink Cadillac! The King is Dead, But the Caddy Lives On!