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Rad Website of the Day: Pop Culture Princess!

Going to the mail box each day is always an exciting adventure. I never know what goodies I’ll find awaiting me there in the way of new CDs, DVDs or books to review for this here blog. Every day is Christmas when you’re me! Free stuff! Yesterday, though, I was quite surprised to receive a small package from an address I did not recognize. I opened the package to find a box containing the most beautiful bracelet made from two strands of pale pink glass beads interwoven with small, colorful shiny bits that, upon further inspection, proved to be pieces of ‘repurposed’ compact discs. Innovative! An enclosed card explained that this bracelet was a gift from my friend Joan (also known simply as J) as a token of her appreciation for my long-running “Pink Thing of The Day” blog post series. It’s nice to have fans!

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