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Gail’s Classic Interview with John Paul Jones Appears in New Book About Led Zeppelin!

Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin

Some of you who have been fans for a while may know that, back in the day before I wrote about Rad Art and Delicious Food, I used to interview famous Rock Stars at a pretty steady clip and then publish those interviews across the globe. Those days are long gone, of course, but sometimes traces of my previous life live on!

A former Rock Journalist colleague of mine, Hank Bordowitz, has recently published a book of more than fifty collected interviews (from 1957 to 2012) with all four members of Led Zeppelin, appropriately entitled Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin, and it is just a fantastic read. The best thing about this book, however, it that my rad interview with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, conducted in his NYC Hotel Room in Spring of 2002 has made its way into this fine Rock Tome.

Hank was kind enough to send me a copy of the published book and I was so excited to see my interview in there that I read it right away, and then I made a little squee. Let me tell you, it is a really terrific interview — and if mine is that great, imagine how excellent some of the others must be that were conducted by people who were fortunate enough to be able to make a living writing about music and didn’t have to get a day job working for the man. Led Zeppelin!

Buy the book at Amazon Dot Com!

Led Zeppelin Nesting Dolls

Led Zeppelin Nesting Dolls
Image Source

The most fun thing about this set of hand made Led Zeppelin matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls) is the fact that the tiniest member is their late manager, Peter Grant, who was famous for being not so tiny. Purchasing information is available at This Link.

Led Zeppelin Robbed!

On This Date, July 29th, in 1973: after playing the final show of three nights at Madison Square Garden, Led Zeppelin lost $180,000 in cash when a thief stole their hotel safe deposit box containing receipts from the two previous concerts. The theft – a crime largely suspected to be an inside job perpetrated by employees of the hotel – was never solved.

How The West Was Won

On This Date in 2003: Led Zeppelin reached the top of the Billboard 200 album chart for the first time in 24 years with the triple live album How the West Was Won, which contained performances from their 1972 U.S. tour, and spent one week on top of the album chart.

Jason Bonham Announces Plans to Tour With Tribute to Led Zeppelin’s Music



JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE will celebrate the life and music of his father – the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham – in true epic fashion with a limited engagement of 30 concert dates in North America this fall.

“This is a personal trip through my life with the music of Led Zeppelin,” explains Jason, “and how the music influenced me.” Jason played with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones at Led Zeppelin’s “final” show at London’s O2 Arena in 2007, which was heralded as the most powerful Led Zeppelin performance since the group’s disbandment. The band received uniformly rave reviews and Jason didn’t want to stop after that magical and memorable night.

“When I was offered to put this together over a year ago, it wasn’t right,” notes JASON. “This September 25th is the 30th anniversary of my father’s passing – I thought, what better way to celebrate his life than to do 30 shows for the 30 years he’s been gone?”

BONHAM has partnered with Annerin Productions – the critically acclaimed producers of  The Pink Floyd Experience and  Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles – to create a once-in-a-lifetime concert. As BONHAM and his band rock through Led Zeppelin’s hallowed catalog, a state-of-the-art sound system and light show will enhance their live performance onstage. Behind them, giant screens will display futuristic art and mood-setting home movies and photos. All this will take you though a personal journey into Jason’s past and put you at the center of this multimedia event.

After Jason saw Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles he put together his own show with himself in his father’s coveted seat behind the kit. “I loved Rain and its take on The Beatles,” notes Jason. “The way they used a timeline and news reel to create a mood, and crafted set changes throughout, it was stunning.”

JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE will offer an epic and intimate evening – an unforgettable night of rock ‘n’ roll.  “I remember when I went to see Led Zeppelin live in 1979 at Knebworth, there were certain songs that stood out to me and will stay with me forever,” Jason recalls. “I will also share other big moments in my life, time with my Dad and my relationship with the band. The show is far from being ‘just another tribute band.’ I want to make the show as personal as I can and show how much Led Zeppelin means to me.”

Look for more information, tour dates and band members to be announced soon.

Happy Birthday, John Paul Jones!

John Paul Jones Current
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Led Zeppelin bassist / keyboardist / arranger John Paul Jones (Born John Baldwin) was born on this day January 3rd,in 1946! Read my interview with John from 2002 at This Link.

Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times – A New Book That You Must Own!

Good Times Book
Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times
A Visual Biography of the Ultimate Band

By Jerry Prochnicky & Ralph Hulett
with a foreword by Anthony DeCurtis

Getting free stuff in the mail is fun, especially when that free thing is a huge coffee table book full of pictures of Led Zeppelin, the greatest hard rock band ever in the Universe of all time. I’ve spent a couple of days looking through this amazing and gorgeous book and it has given me a nearly unprecedented series of nostalgic thrills, because I love Led Zeppelin so much. But whether you just dig Led Zeppelin’s music, or you are a total completist collector fan geek for whom the members of Led Zeppelin are gods – like myself – trust me, you will want to own this book. Authors Jerry Prochnicky and Ralph Hulett kick off a fantastic chronological collection of over 200 rare photos with a very complete yet concise introductory overview of Led Zeppelin’s career – from their first gigs as “The New Yardbirds” to John Bonham’s tragic death, and subsequent band reunions featuring Jason Bonham taking his dad’s place behind the kit. So, even if you didn’t previously know anything about Led Zeppelin’s history before picking up Good Times, Bad Times you will be an expert by the time you gaze at a beautiful black & white photo of The New Yardbirds on stage at their very first gig on September 7, 1968 (41 years ago today) at the Gladsaxe Teen Club in Copenhagen. History!

No one who lived and rocked through the seventies will deny that it was arguably the best era for Rock & Roll that still had balls; and no band personified The Rock better than Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin! Whether the photo depicts the band onstage, backstage, recording in the studio, on tour, or at home, there are accompanying captions with the details of and history behind each picture. I never get tired of seeing shots of Led Zeppelin on stage and in action. But I really loved seeing pictures of the guys with their wives and kids. I loved seeing pictures of them hanging out with groupies at the Rainbow on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. And I also found a nice shot of Jimmy Page’s Robert Plant’s exceptionally hot ass as he gets out of a pool after being pants’d by John Bonham. Candid!

If I were you, and did not get this book for free in the mail, I would buy it as soon as possible or pre-order it from Amazon.com right now.

Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times. A Visual Biography of the Ultimate Band will be released on October 1, 2009 with a cover price of $35.00.

Happy 65th Birthday, Jimmy Page!

Led Zeppelin!!
Wow, I’m glad I didn’t sleep through this one. Today, guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin – the greatest hard rock band ever in the Universe of all time and second only in my heart to The Beatles – turns 65! Jimmy, I want to let you know that you still rock and I forgive you for letting P Diddy do that awful, horrifying thing he did to your song, “Kashmir,” because I understand now that it probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Or maybe you needed the money. I remember when I interviewed your ex-band mate John Paul Jones several years ago. I asked him how “Rock & Roll” came to be licensed to a Cadillac car commercial and he was like, “Well, they didn’t get it for free!” It’s okay, Jimmy; I’m over it.

Remembering John Bonham

John Bonham At the Kit

Drummer John Bonham of Led Zeppelin passed away on this day, September 25th, in 1980. I can’t believe it’s been over three decades since the tragic passing of one of the greatest and most influential rock drummers of all time. Bonham’s Zeppelin rhythm section partner, bassist John Paul Jones, has created a lovely little tribute/memorium to John which you can view before entering the Led Zeppelin official web page. Check it out and remember the greatness that was Led Zeppelin.