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Must See Film: The Other F Word

The Other F Word Movie Poster

Three Words: Punk Rock Dads. Without going into any detail at all, just the idea that anyone would make a documentary film about Punk Rock Dads is so golden. I mean, seriously: taking the ultimate anti-authoritarian pop-culture figure and putting him in the position of being the iron-fisted authority in a child’s life is both wildly fascinating and unbelievably hilarious. So, convincing me to check out the new film, The Other F Word, (the “F” standing for Fatherhood) directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins was a total no-brainer. Because, Punk Rock Dads!

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Jesus Was a Democrat

OCTOBER 10, 2008


EVERCLEAR’s got a lot to say on their new single, “Jesus Was a Democrat.” The song, penned by frontman ART ALEXAKIS, tackles religious and political hypocrisy head-on with lyrical vibrancy and epic rock n’ roll swagger. The multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated rock quintet doesn’t waste a note or a word on the politically charged, hyper-catchy new song. The song arrives as a free download via the band’s website (www.everclearonline.com) just in time for the 2008 presidential election, and it couldn’t be any more relevant. Continue reading Jesus Was a Democrat