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Video Clip of The Week: “High Water” By Boardwalk

“High Water” by Boardwalk (the duo Mike Edge and Amber Quintero) is this week’s featured Video Clip because I can’t resist any song mixed with this much reverb. Boardwalk’s self-titled album was just released by the legendary independent music label Stones Throw Records. You know where to go to get it. Enjoy!

Video Clip of the Week: “Shelley” by Kid Wave

The seductive sound of UK-based quartet Kid Wave was described to me as “Johnny Marr hangin’ with The Beach Boys,” which was enough to pique my interest. But it’s lead singer Lea Emmery’s channeling of PJ Harvey and the minor chord melody entwined with Mattias Bhatt’s opiated guitar work that really hits this tune out of the ballpark. The plaintive refrain, “Let’s Go Surifn,” makes “Shelley” the perfect song for the bittersweet end of summer. Recommended if you like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mazzy Star or The Sundays. Enjoy!