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Kris Kuksi, Amalgamation at Joshua Liner Gallery

Ambiguous Exodus
Ambiguous Exodus (All Photos By Gail)

Joshua Liner Gallery is currently hosting Amalgamation, an exhibition of new work from Kansas-based artist Kris Kuksi. This is Kuksi’s fifth solo show with Liner and it includes seven works in the artist’s signature medium of mixed media assemblage.


When observing the delicate wall assemblages Kris Kuksi constructs, intricacy seems almost an understatement. Excessively detailed, each work plays out an epic drama meticulously assembled piece by piece. Largely influenced by the ornamental details of the late Baroque and Rococo movements, these embellished pieces possess a darkness. Chaos, downfall, and anguish are poignant struggles amongst Kuksi’s miniature models, their plight serving as commentary on humanity’s social, political and spiritual obstacles. The title of the exhibition — Amalgamation — sheds light on Kuksi’s elaborate process of collection, and also bears reference to the multiple chaotic narratives taking place in each ornate piece.

A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms

Many of the central figures in Kuksi’s assemblages resemble deities, transcending the disorder and turmoil that surround them. Rage and conflict between the smaller, less dominant figures is literally below them. In Farewell to Arms, a mythical warrior rises above a mass of smaller figures clambering beneath, struggling to keep hold of their heavy artillery.

A Farewell to Arms Detail
A Farewell to Arms, Detail

Perhaps this profound difference in size between the godlike central figure and smaller mortal figures metaphorically reveals the sheer distance humanity is from total serenity. Kuksi elaborates, “Human beings are limited by their greed and carelessness yet they know it. Humans know how to be better and solve problems that are pressing the advancement of our species but we don’t always do the right thing. We are consumed by our darkness and yet we don’t realize we don’t have to be. I think if we can embrace our dark impulses, we can overcome them.”


Sedation Detail
Sedation Detail

The process of assembling these intricate works is complex and time consuming, and sourcing the right piece to fit can take months. Balance and placement are of equal importance in the construction of the assemblages, thus resulting in the majority of the works having a symmetrical appearance. Kuksi explains, “It is balance of chaos vs. symmetry which can take lots of time just thinking out the arrangement for balance and control, rushing the process will leave too much chaos.” Aside from the painstaking arrangement of each assemblage, the artist pays special attention to every individual piece, hand painting them with careful patience. In many cases, the final result is unknown and it is the process of assemblage that builds the narrative and speaks to the artist.

Psychoactive Animalia
Psychoactive Animalia

Over the many hours spent constructing a piece, Kuksi develops a fondness for each work as he explains, “I will love a new piece I’m building and I will sink in sadness to have to come to an end just to finish it.” However, the necessity to move on and begin another work is vital to the artist’s ambition as he explains, “My hope is that my art is a tool for recognition, at least in the short term. Tomorrow is always a new struggle and a new fight for survival.”

Ambiguous Exodus Detail
Ambiguous Exodus, Detail

Imperial Rights Fighter
Imperial Rights Fighter, Bronze on Wood Base

Star Wars fans may also get kick out of this fun, hybrid sculpture.

Imperial Rights Fighter

Kuksi’s Imperial Rights Fighter is also available in a hand-painted, 3D printed multiple in a limited edition of fifty pieces. Contact the gallery for pricing and availability.

Kris Kuksi’s Amalgamation will be on Exhibit through November 14th, 2015 at Joshua Liner Gallery540 West 28th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Kris Kuksi Amalgamation Signage

Kuksi Installation View

Joshua Liner Gallery Presents Triumph By Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi Surrender of Helios
The Surrender of Helios By Kris Kuksi (Mixed Media Assemblage)

If you enjoy visual works of art that explore rich worlds of myth and fantasy, while offering endless potential for imaginative extrapolation on the part of the viewer, you’ll flip over the work of Kansas-based artist Kris Kuksi. Very accurately described as containing a “stunning excess of detail,” Kuksi painstakingly assembles his gothic-renaissance-steam punk-esque sculptures from countless layers of found objects ranging from statues and figurines, skulls, taxidermied animals, altar pieces, dolls, jewelry, miniature army men and even the lower half of a tank – all treated with misted coats of grey/white paint that give each piece the look and feel of an unearthed ancient treasure. In this way, Kris Kuksi creates miniature worlds that you can easily get lost in. Of course, the foundation for each of Kuksi’s works is his vast and wildly engaging imagination. Trust me that the “Oh Wow” factor is off the charts for Triumph, an exhibit comprised of a dozen of Kuksi’s assemblages, one large scale painting and an installation of the artist’s Churchtank sculpture series, which is given the run of the Liner Gallery’s rear room. Triumph is lots of fun and a must-see exhibit. Find out more on the art of Kris Kuksi at his website, Kuksi Dot Com.

Kris Kuksi’s Triumph will be on Exhibit through April 7, 2012 at the Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor, Chelsea.