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The Aquarium of the Pacific

LB Aquarium of the Pacific Entrance
All Photos By Gail

During the Christmas holidays I enjoyed a relaxing and fun stay in Southern California. One of the local sites I visited for the first time is the Long Beach Aquarium, also called the The Aquarium of the Pacific. I have visited Aquariums all over the country from New Orleans to Atlanta to Seattle and I must say that the Aquarium of the Pacific is home to many exotic fish and sea creatures that I had never even seen before. So it was pretty cool and we had an awesome time. Here are some of my favorite photos of cool sea life we saw that day. Continue reading The Aquarium of the Pacific

Gail and Geoffrey’s Rad Adventure at the Museum of Sex!

Museum of Sex FOB
Photos By Geoffrey Dicker

Last Saturday the CMJ convention was just getting started, in full swing, or just winding up, depending on how desperate you are to appear hip and in-the-know. And while everyone in the city was running around in the rain, laden down with bags of tacky swag, trying to cram in as many crowded shows by over-hyped, crappy indie rock bands as possible, Geoffrey and I were learning about the sexuality of all living things at New York City’s most underrated tourist attraction, the Museum of Sex. So I ask you, who do you think had the better time? I think Geoffrey and I did. And if we got wet, it was not because of the rain. Continue reading Gail and Geoffrey’s Rad Adventure at the Museum of Sex!